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From: paper planes for new year’s 2009

By Roni Brunn | December 30, 2008 | From, News

Going out Wednesday night?  You might run into ppl celebrating the coming of 2009, a new calendar year.  Some may wear hats or glasses w/ the 2009 logo.  I guess it’s supposed to be fun.

I got bored thinking about it, so I ended up making these commemorative paper planes.

  • Download the PDF here.
  • Print it.
  • Fold (instructions here).
  • Repeat till you have a fleet of these psychedelic weapons.
  • Get help if you need it, but def fly them at the party.  And maybe send me a pic?

Planes w/ illustrations of vintage aircraft here.

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Can’t Buy Me Love Beatles figures

By Roni Brunn | December 29, 2008 | News

Medicom Toy Co. collaborated with Silly Thing for a 100% Kubrick Beatles figures set.  Resembling the characters from The Beatles’ animated TV series, the “Can’t Buy Me Love” figures stand 2′3″ or 68cm tall.  John, Paul, George, and Ringo can be yours at colette and other Medicom retailers for HK$15,800 or about US$2038 for the set.

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Twitter updates for the week ending on 2008-12-28

By Roni Brunn | December 28, 2008 | Twitter Updates

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Recommended Reading: Girl Talk, archeology, sugar

By Roni Brunn | December 23, 2008 | News

It’s quiet now, so we all have time for extracurricular reading, right?

  • Riff Market on Girl Talk

    I wish more smart ppl wrote about frivolous things. Amy Spindler was an amazing fashion critic. I’m fascinated by GT talks b/c I do digital mashups, too, though for visuals, not music. I guess I shouldn’t claim to have directed “One Spring Away.” I was more of an art director and editor. It’s kinda like the French fashion thing of distinguishing b/n “””designers””” (créateurs) and “””stylists””” (stylistes de mode). Nothing wrong w/ styling but design it ain’t. Stuff about me aside, it’s a fun piece.

  • National Geographic on Herod and CNN on Byzantine gold coins

    Recent archeological discoveries in Israel – always cool. Photos, too. I wanted to be an archeologist when I was little and even went on a dig!

  • Scientific American on sugar highs

    Ha! Turns out sugar highs aren’t really isn’t that big a deal. I always thought I was missing out b/c I don’t get high on sugar. At least I’m not alone.

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Math Lego Sculptures

By Roni Brunn | December 22, 2008 | News

I love math, and I love Lego.  These photos made me very happy even before I read the technical intro.

Mobius Strip

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Twitter updates for the week ending on 2008-12-21

By Roni Brunn | December 21, 2008 | Twitter Updates

  • I Frankensteined a 1000W shop light and nothing blew up! yet, anyway. #
  • @A2Z i love tunecore – that’s so cool! in reply to A2Z #
  • @siashin pyttipanna! Makes me miss Sweden. I need to find some glögg, and I recommend you do the same. in reply to siashin #
  • @siashin Nicely done! I, however, am now putting glögg on the agenda for winter camp. in reply to siashin #
  • I think my decaf latte had caffeine. Either that or I learned to fly today. #
  • @derrick1792 hahha, yeah, that was just how things go in Guam. What a summer, am I right? Srsly, no more caffeine for me. in reply to derrick1792 #
  • @derrick1792 tell me how it goes! Send pix! I’m gonna post new ones for the holidays soon. in reply to derrick1792 #
  • WSJ: “newly liberated facial hair” on laid off execs: #
  • @zelenka101 enjoying the new track, mister zee! in reply to zelenka101 #
  • substitute trainer played Tough Alliance today. rad. #
  • The cool weather makes me want to party at midday. #
  • RT @Armano: RT @rww: Hasbro Drops Scrabulous Lawsuit #
  • I think I finally have “””the””” shot for the album cover. Here’s the super pro set up for making it: #
  • @derrick1792 thanks! will try to remember that as i write a web design/dev proposal whie not partying. in reply to derrick1792 #
  • Got pulled over for my dark tinted windows. I have a dr’s note. I am shaking nonetheless. #
  • Bullshit!!!! I got a fix it ticket. How can they expect temp window shades to shield me from the sun?? I need tinting. Now I have a headache #
  • picked up som sufganiot (Hanuka donuts) #
  • Palazzo Versace, Dubai isn’t a faux Vegas compound. No. It has a beach w/ AC. Classy. #
  • haha, BB: replicas of Scarlett Johansson’s kleenex up for sale: #
  • Hedi Slimane (formerly of Dior Homme) shoots SS09 Prada men campaign. Unexpectedly Herb Ritts, no? WWD: #
  • Cool! HP is replacing my printer b/c they couldn’t localize it. #
  • Tiny Mix Tapes’ top 25 album covers of 08 (no explanations, though): #
  • @siashin Yeah, and that’s before seeing a man exit his limo followed by his 7 wives. Shouldn’t that money go toward infrastructure in reply to siashin #
  • Yay! is up, you just can’t choose a country. #
  • HRO on Slot Music ads @ hype machine: #
  • @A2Z Twitter deleted a bunch of spammers. in reply to A2Z #
  • NYTimes 08 buzzword list includes Twitt-, fail, lipstick on a pig: #
  • Ladies at the nail place are quoting vaudeville sayings #
  • welcome to Twitter, @Turbo_M!! #
  • Photo of a very decorated Venice home via LAist: #
  • Kanye’s Coldest Winter is very Duran Duran circa View to a Kill, no? #
  • @Turbo_M About to go to a holiday party w an old friend. You? in reply to Turbo_M #
  • @Turbo_M nice.. I kept asking ppl if they were Santa claus and didn’t get crap for it. in reply to Turbo_M #
  • Going to a book party for this Deluxe by Dana Thomas: #
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top 10 album covers for 2008

By Roni Brunn | December 18, 2008 | News

  • 10. The Raveonettes – Lust Lust Lust

    Purely text artwork can come across as easy or perhaps barely glorified single artwork, but the energetic transposition of the title actually complements its name with wit.

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Mando Diao – “Dance With Somebody”

By Roni Brunn | December 15, 2008 | News

Yay!!  Here’s the new video from one of my fav bands:

Those in German speaking countries are more likely than, say, me to catch them on tour this winter.  Go for it on my behalf, okay?  (To be clear, there are plenty of ppl who are gonna go have fun at their shows.  I’m just asking for a few to do so in my name).

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Twitter updates for the week ending on 2008-12-14

By Roni Brunn | December 14, 2008 | Twitter Updates

  • @siashin aw, thanks! in reply to siashin #
  • @myoung Agreed. Twidget’s ok for the dashboard, and Twitterrific’s not bad for the iPhone, at least. in reply to myoung #
  • i missed being played on INDIE 1031 last night. eeeeee. Still good news, though! #
  • @derrick1792 Thank you! I’m floored – the show is full of well-known bands, and my music got thru. I don’t know anyone there. omg omg omg in reply to derrick1792 #
  • Chart of music used in commercials: #
  • Any music recommendations today? I always default to streaming Swedish radio… #
  • Is “relevancy” the new “normalcy?” Unnecessarily verbose non-words, that is. #
  • @derrick1792 thx for the tip – will check it out! in reply to derrick1792 #
  • Kanye is sounding like Noel Gallagher on hipster crack. I love him. #
  • @macethinho thank you!! in reply to macethinho #
  • Saw a car that looked bluer than mine, but it turned out to be ultraviolet. (My car is very very blue. Perhaps the bluest car ever). #
  • Not the most productive day, and i’m still considering Disneyland tomorrow. Holiday spirit. #
  • I want region-free ink! HP is forcing me to throw out good ink in order to localize my printer to the US. And they don’t rlly support Macs. #
  • i think i found an off-the-shelf nail polish in a plum that’s close enough to a shade i wanted to mix on my own. Yay, capitalism! #
  • Spoke too soon. It needs to be mixed with red. Amazing i get anything done working under such unforgiving specs. #
  • @fnelson short term, yes. The violet will be a project for winter camp. in reply to fnelson #
  • @EIKNARF which drugs? in reply to EIKNARF #
  • @EIKNARF the verve I take it? in reply to EIKNARF #
  • @dberlind heartless is also a good kanye single in reply to dberlind #
  • @blort ah, so you had the moral support to give an honest and open answer. Lucky! in reply to blort #
  • Can’t get out of bed. Not even for brunch. #
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From: the box set

By Roni Brunn | December 10, 2008 | From, News

Hard economic times don’t just mean job losses and foreclosures – we buy more beer, skirts get longer, and stuff gets packaged together.  Cars either come stripped (for ppl unsure if they can buy cars now) or loaded with options cuz dealers try to get the most out of the few sure sales.

In music, we now have box sets.  Everywhere.  From almost everyone.  What kind of box set should From have for the Fair Isle album?

Vivian Girls have the surf’s up fun pack:

And it’s just $20!  Love the postcards.  Great idea to include some stationery.

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