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Self-Pouring Nail Polish Bottles on UK Streets

By Roni Brunn | January 30, 2009 | News


British cosmetics company Rimmel launched a surreal campaign to promote their quick drying nailpolish.  JWT, its advertising agency, created surreal sidewalk spectacles — huge bottles of nail polish that seem to be suspended in the air as the polish pours to a puddle on the sidewalk.  These bottles were installed on high streets in front of stores that sell Rimmel.  Some stores will get a life-sized versions of the scultpure to be placed at Rimmel counters.

Love the concept?  Check out John Nouanesing’s Love Me Table.

Via adgoodness


Adiam Dymott – “Miss You”

By Roni Brunn | January 29, 2009 | Music downloads, News

adiamdymott21If you’re into Ida Maria, you need to check out Adiam Dymott‘s new single, “Miss You.”  This garage pop party anthem is the first single from her debut album, due out March 18th by Sweden’s excellent Razzia RecordsThomas Rusiak produced the album and plays guitar in her live band, which also features Fredrik from I Are Droid. Can’t wait till this one comes out!

Adiam Dymott – “Miss You”

Adiam Dymott – “Memory Loss”

Get “Miss You” directly from Razzia or from Amazon or LimeWire.

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Kim Gordon x Urban Outfitters

By Roni Brunn | January 28, 2009 | News

In April, Urban’s staging a one-off installation of Kim Gordon’s Mirror/Dash label.  The chain will host the installation at its Hollywood pop-up shop/hipster retail concept Space 15 Twenty (you might have read about it in my Twitter feed in November).


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The Dora Steins – “Shame on Us”

By Roni Brunn | January 27, 2009 | Music downloads, News

Swedish band The Dora Steins makes fun, catchy indie pop/rock, but I guess that’s obvious from the first word of this sentence.  Nobody in the band is actually named Dora Stein – Nathan, Sadbill, Simon, Judith, maybe, but def not Dora.

“Shame on Us” came out in November 08 – check it out below!


The Dora Steins – Shame on Us

Get it on iTunes, Amazon, or eMusic.

Visit the Dora Steins on MySpace and their own site.

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Twitter updates for the week ending on 2009-01-25

By Roni Brunn | January 25, 2009 | Twitter Updates

  • “do you remember 2007? i do” HRO podcast, not suitable for the gym, unless you go there to be creeped out/laugh: #
  • addictive language learning iPhone apps – since Ich muss Deutsch lernen! #
  • @cheezhead Tila Tequila is a high school grad?! (disclosure: i went to the same school as Lenny Kravitz & Monica Lewinsky) in reply to cheezhead #
  • On the Svea stream ♫ #
  • sorry, still learning to use i expected it to post the artist and song title. silly me. (Hello Saferide – “Anna”) #
  • Blur + Kinks = everything is right in the world./NyQuilDriver ♫ #
  • Digging around for Swedish pop and came up with an alleged Neneh Cherry cameo. Bad meta tags? ♫ #
  • @NyQuilDriver 😀 indeed! Do you know the Horse Boys? Fun new Swedish pop band! Keep blipping your favs – curious. ♫ #
  • “so much for all your highbrow, Marxist ways” yeah, those ppl are always the biggest hypocrites. ♫ #
  • @cheezhead Lewinsky’s not doing too good according to ABC. Degree from London School of Ec but no dating, no jobs. in reply to cheezhead #
  • Pale Blue Eyes – Velvet Underground ♫ #
  • How was Gossip Girl last night? Last few episodes haven’t measured up to the start of the season. #
  • Taken by Trees – “Sweetness” ♫ #
  • RT @ultragrrrl: old lady gaga songs: i remember her showcasing them in LA Reid’s officeannex, she was… #
  • Alan McGee says anco’s MPP was influenced by the “pop as pop art” of Hall & Oates: #
  • Beatles on 100.3/LA. My iPhone corrects “beatles” to “beagles.” #
  • Kanye quote of the day:”EVERY CAR WILL LOOK LIKE AN ASTON IN THE FUTURE” + pix 4 suppor: t #
  • “mrs. Obama <3s Isabel Toledo” Barneys window #90210 #
  • “that roni is an mtv star” – one of the things i love most about mando is the honesty. ♫ #
  • @A2Z by all means, gossip away! in reply to A2Z #
  • @A2Z i put together a live band! almost- still looking for a keyboardist. it’s been really fun to rehearse. in reply to A2Z #
  • @A2Z So cool!! Will have to hit you up when we play NY 😉 What are you working on? in reply to A2Z #
  • @lukeinusa but please do start writing about yourself! how are you? in reply to lukeinusa #
  • i kind of wanna start an HRO fan site, or maybe mine already is. #
  • Hello Saferide feat Detektivbyrån – Anna live on P3 Guld: #
  • @siashin definitely! i can’t even think of a joke for “””goiter””” in reply to siashin #
  • “””That’s So LA””” – the campaign. Disturbing, yes, but predictably so, with LC to boot: #
  • I guess I do work hard. I busted my office chair w/o significant weight gain. #
  • I’m at a B&W bday party, but nobody dressed like the Hives. My bro sez in Sweden this wouldn’t b a theme party cuz ppl wear B&W always. #
  • Just claimed to have tweeter about JBs bedazzled bandanas circa ‘NSYNCs golden era. #
  • @85lives Thansk for thinking of me! in reply to 85lives #
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Tetris Lights up a Sydney Street

By Roni Brunn | January 23, 2009 | News


Giant Tetris, or “One More Go One More Go,” is part of the outdoor art exhibition Live Lanes – By George!   It runs till January 31, 2009 in Sydney, Australia.  The surreal installation was put together by Gaffa Gallery artists and project team: Kelly Robson, Ella Barclay, Hugh Rutherford, Adrianne Tasker, Ben Backhouse.




Reminds me of

Mario/Donkey Kong/Nintendo stuff in real life

Super Mario Kart wedding cake

More info at the City of Sydney Art & About site.

Via Technabob

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Raymond & Maria – “Storstadskvinnor faller ner och dör”

By Roni Brunn | January 22, 2009 | News

Do big city women fall down and die?  Read the lyrics to find out.  Or just watch such occurrences as they synch with this excellent pop song (Swedish, of course):

Check out Raymond & Maria on MySpace or their official site.

The song comes from their 2006 album Hur Mycket Jag Än Tar Finns Alltid, available from CDON.  English versions of their songs are up in iTunes.

raymond maria
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J Brand x Topshop

By Roni Brunn | January 22, 2009 | News


The J Brand for Topshop denim collaboration just hit stores.  The jeans start at 85£ and come in 3 styles:

The Brooklyn: 12″ skinny pencil leg

The Nolita: 14″ cigarette leg

The Manhattan: 22″ bell bottom

There are four finishes, also with New York-themed names: Empire, Skyline, Liberty and Bowery.  That includes a  clean, dark wash as well as a vintage-inspired, distressed finish.

I basically only have J Brand jeans — nothing stone washed, though.  Thinking of bringing back the 90s Gucci embellished bell bottoms.  Will keep you posted.

Via Bryanboy

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Balloon Powered Boat

By Roni Brunn | January 21, 2009 | News


Get it here for 9 AUD (approx 6 USD) or at Amazon for $6.95.

And what about out of the tub, on dry land?

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Life Imitating Play

By Roni Brunn | January 21, 2009 | News

Or video anyway.  Adrants ran this Daniel Eskils-directed video, featuring a TV that follows the snowboarder on its screen:

Works nicely, though the context is unclear — is it an ad?  A viral attempt?  A concept clip from a reel?  A think piece?

Whatever its purpose, this video does follow the current trend of breaking the 4th wall on virtual fun times.  Formula: indoor, watered down, screen-based activity + some nutty way to take it outside into reality.  It’s like Kool Aid cocktails or jello shots: you take a fake juice substance and add something crazy — vodka/moonshine/nite train — instead of water. So you don’t get a dude watching a snowboarding video (drinking homemade Gatorade), you get the TV riding the streets with the guy on it (this video).  Of course, just showing/being a guy snowboarding is as boring as drinking fresh squeezed juice.

For the record, I like jello shots.  I’m not here to contribute to the snark economy.

Here are others:

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