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Trends Presaged in the “American Girl” Video

By Roni Brunn | March 31, 2009 | From, News

From’s 2007 video for “American Girl” has a very simple concept: one girl, lots of inflatable toys.  What’s remarkable is how many current trends were presaged by the looks in the clip.  This is a super indie video, and it’s unlikely that top stylists and designers were inspired by it.  But perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pay attention to From’s goings on for glimpses into the future…

No Pants

Lady GaGa’s signature pant-free look has gotten her both props and ridicule as well as recognition as a style individualist.  Britney’s Circus tour wardrobe features the silhouette in pieces by Dsquared.  For From, the look was inspired by the Prada and Chanel SS07 collections.  The gray outfit mixed standard, proper layers on top with a matching boy short for a sort of edgy twin set.  The blue and white outfit took bikini bottoms and de-sexed them with an airy architectural top.

Shown: From, a look from the Chanel SS07 show, Lady GaGa (top), Britney Spears.

Shown: From, Lady GaGa
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The Sweptaways & Howlin’ Pelle – “Time of the Season”

By Roni Brunn | March 30, 2009 | Music downloads, News

The Hives’ Howlin’ Pelle sings lead over The Sweptaways’ a capella backing for this Zombies cover.  “Time of the Season” is the first single from The Sweptaways’ second album, The Sweptaways Show, out April 15 on the excellent label Hyrbris.  Other featured guests on the album include fellow Swedes Robyn, Jens Lekman, Asha Ali, and Moneybrother.

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Twitter updates for the week ending on 2009-03-29

By Roni Brunn | March 29, 2009 | Twitter Updates

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Fav Tracks: Recent Leaks/Releases

By Roni Brunn | March 26, 2009 | Music downloads, News

Here are a couple of songs I liked most from some recent leaks/releases.  09 has been amazing for music so far!  And not just for Swedish music, which would be an easy goal since every year seems to span 12 good months of Swedish music.  This post is a rare in its exclusion of Svensk musik.  Speaking of non-Nordic music, I’m already curious about what tracks would stand out from my future release, Fair Isle.  Till then, here we go:

doves-kingdom-of-rustDoves – Kingdom of Rust

Doves – 10:03
Doves – Kingdom of Rust

Kingdom of Rust comes out April 7th in the US.  Order it from Amazon or iTunes (Kingdom of Rust video)

grizzly-bear-veckatimestGrizzly Bear – Veckatimest

Grizzly Bear – While You Wait for the Others (my fav track in this post)
Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks

Veckatimest comes out May 26 in the US. Order it from Amazon or iTunes (Grizzly Bear alert page)

wavves-wavvves1Wavves – Wavvves

Wavves – So Bored
Wavves – No Hope Kids

Get Wavvves on Amazon or iTunes

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Wood light bulb-shaped lampshades

By Roni Brunn | March 24, 2009 | News

Porky Hefer of South African “””creative consultancy””” Animal Farm designed these light bulb shaped lampshades called Lite:


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Lake Heartbeat – “Between Dreams”

By Roni Brunn | March 24, 2009 | Music downloads, News

Sweden’s Lake Hearbeat takes a turn to Pet Shop Boys – at their ethereal moments – it’s still Lake Hearbeat, after all.  Is there a term like onomatopoeia that indicates a piece of music sounds like its title?  If such a word existed, “Between Dreams” would be its epitome.

Lake Heartbeat will release/leak a free MP3 every month of 2009 at their site, yet another way to mark that year is going by a bit too fast.


Lake Heartbeat – “Between Dreams”

“Between Dreams” is not yet available for sale, but by all means get the excellent “Mystery” at iTunes or Kicktrack.

Visit Lake Heartbeat at their site or MySpace.

Check out their label Service.

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Recommended Reading: fun pop, Wavves, model morphosis

By Roni Brunn | March 23, 2009 | News

mfr_logoPop Music in the Spring

Need a soundtrack for fun times?  Check out MFR’s super good Pop Music in the Spring for songs & remixes by such From-beloved luminaries as Lady GaGa, YYYs, and Røyksopp.

wavves-wavvvesWAVVES bro

I enjoy Wavves, and/yet I simultaneously love the HRO’s meta criticism of the band’s acclaim — “A lot of times, bands like this come along, and they achieve this aesthetic that is like fuzzy/garage rock/nihilist/beach-guitar-bro/post-punk/etc, or probably some more formal genre that I am not aware of. It seems to appeal to the core demographic of ‘music critics’…”


One of the concepts I thought should exist years ago actually does thanks to blogging: makeovers for purely aesthetic expression rather than “””making the most””” of some poor girl’s phenotype.  Model-Morphosis on NYTimes’ The Moment Blog tracks such changes as executed by top makeup artists on runway models.  The ideas roam free without direct concerns for girls’ night out, impressing the boss, or attracting a high value mate.  Ha, yeah, slide shows are “recommended reading” in the philosophical anthropology sense, assuming such a field exists.


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Twitter updates for the week ending on 2009-03-22

By Roni Brunn | March 22, 2009 | Twitter Updates

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Dr. Martens vs. Prada for Fall/Winter 09

By Roni Brunn | March 22, 2009 | News

I love the rugged accessories Prada showed for FW 09 – over the knee boots were everywhere, and Prada’s stood out for forgoing the dominatrix references.  Over the knee boots have to look loose, or the woman in them does.  The heeled shoes took the boots’ lug soles and raised the vamp to a similarly 90s grunge era silhouette.  Naturally, Dr. Martens go with grunge, so it’s no surprise there are some Prada alternatives from that brand.

These Dr. Martens styles have some common features as the Pradas, yet they take the ideas someplace else.  They’re not knock offs, and they’re not meant to simulate actual Prada shoes.  Note the super good Yohji Yamamoto x Docs collaboration!



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Cool turntables

By Roni Brunn | March 20, 2009 | News

Very different aesthetics: earthy, crafted, and rugged vs. sleek, bright, and modern.

Audiowood Barkybarky-turntable

Rega P3-24


More on Audiowood here.  Via yvynyl.

More on the Rega P3-24 here.  Via Kanye West.

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