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Twitter updates for the week ending on 2009-05-31

By Roni Brunn | May 31, 2009 | Twitter Updates

  • @jmuzic99 hey! i’m driving down from LA. could you tell me what time One for the Team goes on? I’d really appreciate it! in reply to jmuzic99 #
  • @siashin haha i love all those on the show, but his take would be early beatles x madison ave. in reply to siashin #
  • Wow!! What song?? RT @JeremyBronson: Watching the Beastie Boys rehearse. This is incredibly awesome. #
  • RT @dabitch: Cocaine was found in Red Bull & presto, trending topic on twitter. Honestly, what did u think was in it? #
  • RT @freeeky: RT @iamtommyoliver #3wordsduringsex gotta tweet this — LOL!!! #
  • haha that shot is so um casual RT @bryanboy: needs to stop looking at half-naked shots of ed westwick. #
  • Scarlett Johansson’s 1st single from her 2nd album. Worked w/ Pete Yorn this time. Recorded vox in 2 afternoon sessions #
  • yeah, we are in an era of nice, aren’t we? #
  • much more efficient 2 spam ppl by using @ mentions rather than by following profiles. if u;r gonna b annoying, try 2 get something in return #
  • Gonna brave the Nike store. It’s endlessly frustrating b/c workout clothes aren’t cut for me. My only such complaint. Gonna shut up now. #
  • Is there anything more universally unflattering than racer back? Terrible on everyone. #
  • @PigsAndPlans what kind of color blindness do you have? this site shows colors as seen by diff types: in reply to PigsAndPlans #
  • @PigsAndPlans look 4 “Simulate color vision deficiency:” near the bottom on the right, then select the type. u can change colors on the left in reply to PigsAndPlans #
  • @PigsAndPlans i’m prolly much more into this color blindness topic than you are…. in reply to PigsAndPlans #
  • @luckthelady Beatles monopoly! Wow! I didn’t even know that existed. Super cool. Happy early bday! in reply to luckthelady #
  • I expected to be sad today, but I’m def sadder than that. What r we doing now, CA? It’s not over till it’s right #prop8 #
  • @siashin haha yeah L-lemon is popular here. I want clothes that are leaner, younger, more fun. I don’t do yoga in reply to siashin #
  • @siashin awwww lucky dog!! I started with Nate and will stay the course, real life proclivities be damned in reply to siashin #
  • @siashin ha! I can’t take credit. The guy I RT’d it from is very funny and apparently thinks like you! in reply to siashin #
  • RT @agencyspy: Campfire, True Blood and Gawker are having a three way, right now #
  • @daydreamrepublc is Saturday afternoon available, like 4-6? in reply to daydreamrepublc #
  • RT @doshdosh: Haha. Funny example of how a product goes ‘viral’ and gets popular through the internet. #
  • @1000TimesYes that alone makes me wanna click all the banners on @pitchforkmedia #Parachute in reply to 1000TimesYes #
  • RT @1000TimesYes: 376)Parachute/Losing Sleep:..results of a corporate board mtg where a grown man in a suit said ..”All-American Rejects.”#1 #
  • This must be the darkest day in #twitter history, and I thank @pmablog & @1000TimesYes for the funniez. I endorse following them. #
  • RT @pmablog: Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling. TERRIBLE. MUST LISTEN! RT! RT! #
  • I was at a studio where the dude not only hung photos/gold shiz of Fergie but boasted about working on her oeuvre. #
  • Culinary achievement: my life has changed for the better when I learned about steaming milk in the microwave. (45 seconds) Run w/ it. #
  • “I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book’s autograph.” – Kanye West #
  • @luckthelady hahaha i’m with you, and i also agree with him pretty often. we need more ppl like him (but spencer pratt doesn’t count) in reply to luckthelady #
  • If u listen 2 music 4 fun, obv Veckatimest>MPP. U can def observe music intellectually & find ways 2 reverse that/discount fun. I’m pro fun #
  • i’ll raise a glass for that! RT @luckthelady: @thebandfrom Here’s to more off-the-cuff truth-tellers. ;0) #
  • @pmablog i’d say you’re not like a joke teller, thankfully. But funny, yes, def. in reply to pmablog #
  • @1000TimesYes stand up comedy is supposed to yield 4 laughs/minute. his album should have been 1:15 long. in reply to 1000TimesYes #
  • @luckthelady then you’ll prolly enjoy this: super good Beatles/LCD soundsystem/kinks mashup via @mattpicasso in reply to luckthelady #
  • @GlennBelverio Karl prolly doesn’t use txt msg Eng. I adapt his quotes 4 @KLsaid 2 contrast w/ reality, make them RT-able, enhance comedy in reply to GlennBelverio #
  • Ton père tu pris de fumer et a dit: «horreur» / Cet hypocrite fume deux paquets par jour #
  • no shit: CIA Briefers Regularly Mislead Hill Intelligence Panels, Ex-Spy Charges #
  • Still funny that mumbling is a routine CIA technique. #
  • Chanel cruise 2010 ads feat. Karen Elson (aka Mrs. Jack White) eh, i’d think fashion ads would step it up during recessn #
  • Givenchy fall 2009 ads look like generic high end RTW in fancy Parisian hotel room. “Advanced” eyebrows ≠ compelling #
  • RT @daydreamrepublc: Danger Mouse, David Lynch & Sparklehorse in 1 exhibition?! seriously?I’M THERE! Sat evening at the Michael Kohn Gallery #
  • @GlennBelverio It doesn’t degrade Lagerfeld or his words. It satirizes the context, & that’s increasingly relevant as Twitter hype grows. in reply to GlennBelverio #
  • @bryanboy good luck. Hope you engage with decent ppl there… in reply to bryanboy #
  • @GlennBelverio Yes. I’m also satirizing celeb culture on Twitter, w/ my own admiration for Karl as prime target. in reply to GlennBelverio #
  • @GlennBelverio I fllw lots of prominent writers here, & they do use txt lang when needed. Check out 4 the best such satire in reply to GlennBelverio #
  • @PigsAndPlans this tweet is a breath of fresh air. I rlly like their latest but generally, no. in reply to PigsAndPlans #
  • @mattmusicslut try to get them to ask for your advice, then be specific, light, & “spontaneous” in reply to mattmusicslut #
  • No, Logic. Audio configuration is not damaged. You are. Time for a break. #
  • @siashin there’s a good chance you’d really like it here! My friends love it. It’s just not for me. in reply to siashin #
  • @siashin def! Very few LA restaurants would measure up, food-wise… great ingredients, mediocre food. Prepared foods are esp lacking in reply to siashin #
  • RT @bryanboy: i would like to know what happens when 2 bearded guys kiss each other. surely it must be like sandpaper againt sandpaper no? #
  • @siashin so true! It’s all the more impressive that NYC has a much better food to ingredients ratio than LA. I’m personally fine, but still! in reply to siashin #
  • @GlennBelverio The writers I mention use txt lang to condense thoughts into 140 chars. In addition, such usage is parodied at hipsterrunoff. in reply to GlennBelverio #
  • Do I need to accept that the verb “to cover” now also means “to appear on the cover of [name of pub]?” #
  • @siashin !! Good call. I just read that models predominantly cut their hair short or go ironic platinum. T/F? What do you think? in reply to siashin #
  • RT @tomewing: Confessions of an introvert traveller: – all this is even truer of office culture, which REALLY finds in.. #
  • Gaga looks like she just farted a roomful of smoke RT @scottgum: – LOLherface #
  • @tomewing congrats! boy or girl? in reply to tomewing #
  • @tomewing Your son must be excited to get a little brother! in reply to tomewing #
  • @siashin fun! Go for a summer color. Yeah, ironic platinum is not the best idea. Was v popular in sweden. Dk blond to plat is reasonable in reply to siashin #
  • Sad RT @agencyspy: OK I added screen shots re: bad ad placement in PussyCat Dolls vid… #
  • @siashin she looks like she farted a bunch of smoke, no? in reply to siashin #
  • RT @vincentdidier1: RT @Sugi59: 10 conseils pour ce faire mal voir sur Twitter (il a fait quoi sylvain) #
  • Beverly Hilton #90210 RT @mattmusicslut: obama to face gay protest at beverly hills fundraiser tonight: #
  • Tel Aviv beach party, Central Park 6/21. Glad 2 c my hometown fêted by beach paddle ball & swmwear via @israelconsulate #
  • RT @siashin: brilliant analysis of fashion zeitgeist if only more rag trade writing were this good! via @thatwaszen #
  • @israelconsulate haha I’m loving the cultural focus! It’s been a nice year of pop events. I’d rather discuss Macca & Rafaeli than politics. in reply to israelconsulate #
  • @israelconsulate i <3 u! Israel’s political PR could use some direction from your positive approach & relevance to modern media/attitudes =) in reply to israelconsulate #
  • @siashin has great hosting + domain registration. Nearly no downtime, great, fast support. & y’already know i <3 #wordpress… in reply to siashin #
  • @israelconsulate great blog – I’ve had it bookmarked; will subscribe to RSS now! in reply to israelconsulate #
  • @siashin i just do the <3 b/c i dunno how to use a proper heart symbol. haha i relate better to math symbols than to hearts… in reply to siashin #
  • @siashin i’ve seen godaddy cause issues for ppl who wanted to switch domain registrars. better to register where you’ll have your hosting. in reply to siashin #
  • @israelconsulate check out Fool’s Gold, acclaimed afrobeat indie pop w/ lyrics in Hebrew (Israeli singer) in reply to israelconsulate #
  • !!! RT @eachnotesecure: Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan plan to record together! #feedly #
  • <3 my current clients but RT @dabitch: ROTFLMAO RT @adland “The Vendor Client relationship -in real world situations” #
  • @israelconsulate happy you like it! will keep you posted about Israelis in music (like me haha) in reply to israelconsulate #
  • @siashin haha indeed. always wondered what app causes this crap, and now i know it’s coming from ME. apple best integrate twitter into osx in reply to siashin #
  • @agencyspy I agree that functionally, they’ve got more expertise than “experts,” but they’d prolly hate being called marketers or sellers. in reply to agencyspy #
  • I’m putting together the definitive guide to frozen desserts in Beverly Hills. (just a blog post, really) Suggestions? #
  • @BeverlyHillsxx thanks! Il Cono is my fav in reply to BeverlyHillsxx #
  • Who approved fashion non-news about holiday being glitzy, fall/winter involving heavier materials, and spring/summer offering light pieces? #
  • “Fashion is so fast, it gives you the right to fail” shoe designer Pierre Hardy(own line, balenciaga, hermès) #
  • @ultragrrrl No requirements, but if they act bratty, goodbye keys. I’d instill values of $ well b4 16. Fake economics at home don’t teach in reply to ultragrrrl #
  • @mattchait cool down to what temperature? i don’t wanna get burned, but room temp fries are gross. in reply to mattchait #
  • @derrick1792 wow, thank you! yeah, don’t you think it’s lame & unhelpful for kids to “earn” $ 4 chores? u shldn’t expect $ 4 everything u do in reply to derrick1792 #
  • Apple is running an education promo giving a free iPod touch w/ new Macs. Which means new iPod touches coming out soon! #
  • @derrick1792 haha I’m more hardass than that… I’d say you read books b/c they interest you or help w/ academic goals. No $ reward 4 readng in reply to derrick1792 #
  • @derrick1792 Good questions! The allowance for volunteer work idea is really really good!!! Allowances help learn budgeting, so i think so! in reply to derrick1792 #
  • brilliant RT @derrick1792: @thebandfrom … perhaps kids should earn allowance for volunteer work or something? … #
  • @A2Z what did you make?? in reply to A2Z #
  • simple visualization of cultural phenomena RT @pcrowe: You must check out this site. Pure and simple entertainment #
  • @ultragrrrl you paid for braces as a kid?! i swear, i follow the most amazing ppl on Twitter! in reply to ultragrrrl #
  • @mattchait thank you for the #bananaslutshoes hash, tho! in reply to mattchait #
  • @bryanboy surely that’s a parody ad from the movie Idiocracy oh, no, it’s not. We live in the world of snuggie and crocs in reply to bryanboy #
  • @pars1 who played? in reply to pars1 #
  • nytimes on women’s magazines artlessly yielding to the publicists of avg looking hollywood stars. blah meets blah #
  • “a long-held criticism that magazines r promoting an unattainable standard of beauty. ” i wish. they’re just promoting mediocrity as beauty #
  • Hooray! RT @onethirtybpm: TweetDeck with have to do for now, but Adium 1.4 is going to be incredible #
  • online dating comedy RT @agencyspy: First read the blurb under her pic, then enjoy the fun #
  • not just 4 the ladies: RT @pmablog: T.I.’s Jail address/info. Send him your underwear, eyelashes, locks of hair… #
  • Tiga’s Charlie Rose parodies are pretty funny: #
  • New Lady Gaga video is very Swedish: dir. Jonas Åkerlund, Alexander Skårsgard, the Snake of Eden triplets. And she speaks Swedish. works 4me #
  • sad sad. gonna miss Veronique. RT @bryanboy: is shocked. Veronique Branquinho folds and Christian Lacroix is bankrupt! #
  • @tara haha what do you think about animal collective? in reply to tara #
  • “Tokyo fashion” + anything is good. So a map by Uniqlo – yes, please! RT @macethinho: Uniqlo | Tokyo Fashion Map #
  • RT @jeffdelkin: Comparing US and China activities online, very interesting, China is a bigger blogger than the US #
  • Perez Hilton calls Lady Gaga new video “visual pornography.” Could a video be any other type of pornography? #
  • @A2Z didn’t wanna get too technical. i was just confused. haha in reply to A2Z #
  • @bryanboy and it’s well cast. kinda weird/cool to see my friend in it =) in reply to bryanboy #
  • Miuccia Prada went to mime school. For six years. “that looked to me the most strange thing I could possibly do.” #
  • KARL WHO? (Lagerfeld with poly ironic canvas tote) #
  • Never understood the market for unflattering $168 bras. NYTimes’ T Mag women’s fashion dir. gives a shitty explanation #
  • Cool, minimal sunglasses by Moscot x Common Project. I want (even if it’s for boys) #
  • @gallagherphoto haha plus I think he’s getting paid for the gaga coverage, and Katy perry before her in reply to gallagherphoto #
  • @dabitch aw, thank you! And #followfriday right back! in reply to dabitch #
  • h8 websites that resize my browser window. they’re pretty popular in fashion. fashion & technology don’t really mix. #
  • haha comic about the font Papyrus & typography geeks #
  • Will Ferrell launches a sunscreen line for charity! Great, funny concepts for packaging but amateur execution. Check it! #
  • @tomewing Congratulations!!!!! in reply to tomewing #
  • The new Bat for Lashes video is so amateur looking. Sorry, there’s not enough irony to make up for this much bad lighting. Embarrassing. #
  • @luckthelady Phew! I hate being catty, but i swear BfL is Dido w/ a few minor chords and artsy, meaningful branding. in reply to luckthelady #
  • @luckthelady apparently she’s working on her 4th album: in reply to luckthelady #
  • Insanity: Il Cono offers crepes with “chocolate sauce” rather than Nutella. Or Nutella gelato but not actual Nutella. What’s the point? #
  • haha RT @adtothebone: “Portia” and “Mercedes” are acceptable baby girl names. “Hummer”, however, might cause a bit of predestination. #
  • haha i was just searching through Google images, and the pic that impressed me the most was from my blog. “That photographer has a good eye” #
  • @mattmusicslut I <3 your press release series. in reply to mattmusicslut #
  • More tweets about non-dogs on leashes, please! #
  • #followfriday i <3 @siashin @dabitch @bryanboy @A2Z @mattchait @derrick1792 @luckthelady @agencyspy @lostateminor @KLsaid enjoy! #
  • I don’t care what the Wave does. It’s too ugly for me to check out beyond screen shots. #
  • I love the sweater weather (early June Gloom?), but I feel bad for the tourists who came to LA for some sun. #
  • @PigsAndPlans passion pit remixes, mostly in reply to PigsAndPlans #
  • Why didn’t I think of “Silver Fake” myself??? ©my brother Dan #
  • @mhartl what’s infuriating is that they’re purposely “designing” their products to maximize corp goals ,not to look good. Thx Marisa Meyer in reply to mhartl #
  • “I dont like 2 b seen in an SUV though, I feel gross & filthy. I would say it’s like being w a “paid companion”, but I dont have that exp” #
  • “Fashion is both a form of self-expression and an outward means of defining and altering selfhood.” #
  • @PigsAndPlans hmm I’d be happy to hear them when I’m out, but none stood out for me. Unrelated, u might like this in reply to PigsAndPlans #
  • Super good Perez links: excellent Gaga interview, Scientology Church banned from editing Wikipeida: #
  • Sometimes Perez annoys, but you gotta give him credit for running the only mainstream media outlet that criticizes Scientology consistently! #
  • RT @gorillavsbear: wavves explains barcelona “meltdown,” blames drugs/drinking problem/poor mental state #
  • So happy aleve works within 30 minutes. Now I can to back to sleeeeeep. Normal weekend resumes! #
  • @pmablog What happened to that guy? Miss him. Miss the upper east side. Gonna hang out at Ralph Lauren and squint. in reply to pmablog #
  • A hierarchy of date rape songs (via the daily swarm) #
  • Perversely <3 interviewing ppl for gigs & hearing how they prefer a prev client’s work 2 mine. Thx for the condescending honesty & goodbye! #
  • @pmablog they’re annoying. a lot of these critics buy Bjork as a meaningful artist w/o getting she exploits “indie” instead of “pop” values in reply to pmablog #
  • If i weren’t myself a musician, i’d write an essay favoring Gaga to indie zany artistes & their unimaginative, unworldly supporters #
  • So if you’re not a musician and would like to ‘tell the truth,’ i’d gladly give ammunition. #
  • @pmablog no! which issue? my friend witnessed her openly mocking an interviewer for being gay & taunting him w/ her nekkid vagina. h8 her. in reply to pmablog #
  • @PigsAndPlans haha you’d think they’d memorize their publicists’ lines better! in reply to PigsAndPlans #
  • @A2Z ha, yeah! i used the verb “to resume” & got followed by job boards in reply to A2Z #
  • Gross. It smells like patchouli on La Cienega. If I wanted to bask in faux Bohemia, I would have trekked to Silver Fake #
  • @tinypine what are benchers? And welcome to Twitter! in reply to tinypine #
  • @bryanboy Indeed they are! &&& OMG OMG that’s my size! how much do you think they’ll end up? xoxo in reply to bryanboy #
  • @bryanboy haha gotta love Twitter! thx for the tip – this ebay shop’s insane!! in reply to bryanboy #
  • @bryanboy YES! it’s clearly been loved. Kellys r best when they’re not totally new, not that i personally aged any… gonna watch 4 Viviers! in reply to bryanboy #
  • @bryanboy if these stay cheaper than Zara on sale i won’t care that the heel is just 3.25″ in reply to bryanboy #
  • RT @1000TimesYes: If indie rock still valued… “paying dues” we wouldn’t have the fun of watching crybaby Wavves delete his blog apologies #
  • @tinypine haha that makes sense… I don’t go to synagogue so I’m far from an expert. I’m sure yours will be super good! in reply to tinypine #
  • RT @KLsaid: We know what the 90s looked like now, but during the ’90s we thought it was great perhaps… #
  • @mattchait haha I try to smile on Twitter to avoid regrets. But the east side is a fair target. Congrats on the new place!! in reply to mattchait #
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3D Drawing Tools

By Roni Brunn | May 29, 2009 | News


Sometimes gift shopping is really tough, especially if a new friend’s birthday comes up.  You know the person well enough to celebrate, but not quite well enough to get something truly personal.  It’s almost embarrassing to show up with a generic bottle of wine when you care about someone.  Maybe I just don’t like wine that much.

Regardless, some 3D drawing tools (or art supplies in general) are much much better gifts!

The 3D sketch pad has a grid that makes any doodle seem to pop off the page when viewed with 3D glasses.

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Byblos Casa Collection

By Roni Brunn | May 26, 2009 | News


Italian fashion house Byblos has recently shown architectural, body conscious clothing with a definitively Italian take on sex and trends.  Independently of that direction, Byblos also maintains a very colorful, distinct furniture line in collaboration with Erre Studio.  Art directed by Alessandro Mendini, the pieces have classical lines executed in bright upholstery and paint.  Which is not a premise that should intuitively work, especially given that notable designers such as Philippe Stark have already mined the modernized-classical-pieces territory.

Regardless, they’re fantastic.  They bring to mind a Memphis take on styles favored by Marie Antoinette and various kings named Louis.

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Andreas Tilliander feat. Jocke Berg – “Arlanda (Familjen Remix)”

By Roni Brunn | May 25, 2009 | Music downloads, News


To celebrate the release of Andreas Tilliander’s latest album, Show, his label, Adrian Recordings, commissioned a series of remixes from others on its roster.  Though the album has a darker mood, this track sparkles with Familjen’s bright pop sensibilities.  This remix is not the first time Tilliander and Familjen’s Johan T Karlsson cross paths – Tilliander has toured with Familjen, and they both grew up in Hässleholm, Sweden.

Andreas Tilliander feat. Jocke Berg – “Arlanda (Familjen Remix)”

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Twitter updates for the week ending on 2009-05-24

By Roni Brunn | May 24, 2009 | Twitter Updates

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Cappellini’s Homage to Mondrian

By Roni Brunn | May 20, 2009 | News


It’s hard to adapt art to an everyday object and keep it cool.  We’ve seen Mona Lisa fridge magnets, Starry Night coffee mugs, and David coasters.  The veneer of a masterpiece doesn’t improve these souvenirs.  However, this Shiro Kuramata-designed cabinet actually builds on the work of Piet Mondrian.  The addition of functionality gives Mondrian’s flat grid another dimension.  The play of different sized drawers brings another insight into the composition.  It’s a true homage and a worthy extension of Mondrian’s work.

I love it.  It’s no coincidence that these photos look good on this website.  Next time I see a Mondrian painting, I’ll probably imagine what could fit into each implied drawer.

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Kristofer Åström – “Twentyseven”

By Roni Brunn | May 19, 2009 | Music downloads, News


Goteborg-based Kristofer Åström’s slow-burn acoustic tracks are very emotionally evocative – so much so that they sound nostalgic well before they attach to actual memories. His latest album Sinkadus came out last month on Sweden’s excellent Startracks.  His music’s already your favorite, so you better start enjoying it now!

Kristofer Åström – “Twentyseven”

Get “Twentyseven” as a split 7″ (with All Fox) through Sound/Friends

Get the album Sinkadus through Bengans or Klicktrack

Visit Kristofer Åström on MySpace, his site (placeholder site, actually), or on Startracks

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George Harrison edition Mini Cooper

By Roni Brunn | May 18, 2009 | News


To commemorate the brand’s 50th anniversary, MINI reinterpreted George Harrison’s psychedelic Cooper S.  The car will be auctioned to benefit a Harrison’s Material World Charitable Foundation, an organization dedicated “the exploration of alternate and diverse forms of artistic expression, life views and philosophies as well as a way to support established charities and people with special needs.”

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Twitter updates for the week ending on 2009-05-17

By Roni Brunn | May 17, 2009 | Twitter Updates

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Chanel – Cruise 2010

By Roni Brunn | May 16, 2009 | News


The first Chanel collection for the teens!  The whole 2010 thing feels much more futuristic than it really is.  This collection was largely inspired by the 1930s and the late 1980s/early 90s, though the pieces mostly looked light, easy, and current.  There wasn’t a new silhouette or major break from recent Chanel collections.

Karl Lagerfeld staged the show in Venice, Italy, at the beach of the recently renovated Excelsior Hotel on the Lido.  The show was two hours late, but it looks perfectly planned to me.  You couldn’t ask for better lighting than the sunset.  The Venetian influence came through in the color scheme, some lion references, occasional gondola stripes, and sunglasses pegged on wands, like masks for a ball.

It was nice to see a show with alternatives to crazy big shoulders. This jacket has an appealing softness (compared to the directional shoulder seen on FW09 runways):


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