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Big Thanks StG, LA Metblogs, and Walla

By Roni Brunn | June 30, 2009 | From, News

I’m so grateful and blown away to have support for From’s music.  I’m a music and blog nerd, so these writers are my rock stars.  This is out of control.

Thank you!


Said the Gramophone

Timeless and current, abstract and specific, StG heightens online music criticism with its singular perspective.  Don’t look at me like that.  It’s true.  And what’s going on now?  This is a blurb about “Maple Drive” – on this same blog, yes – and it captures my intentions for the song eerily well.

“From takes her pleasant little song and strikes it through with cacophony – a racket of synthetic horns. They are distracting as hell, but not in a bad way. They’re like the montgolfiers that draw your eyes up from the street, a dozen wheezing & whirring & bulbous hot-air balloons, and when finally you lower your gaze to the pavement you’re smitten with the wondrous surface world – the fruit-stands, trees, barbecues, mail-men, glass.”

From – Maple Drive


LA Metblogs

LA Metblogs – super good.  You need to read it/them if you’re in LA.  The writers have fun, vital takes on local news, events, issues, and curiosities.  I suppose the From bassist hunt falls under “curiosity.”

“Some of you may be familiar with the band From. They are LA locals and rock steady beats. Unfortunately, they don’t have a bassist. And they want one. The need one. Desperately. So much so that they are going above and beyond to hold a contest to try and find that perfect addition to the band. If you are a bassist and interested in such things, check out what they are looking for. If you are not a bassist, this is actually much more entertaining. Get a load of the loot they are offering as prizes to anyone who helps them find the winning musician. Yes, that is a real pack of fake mustaches. How can you pass this up? It’s impossible really.”

Check out the contest here and maybe win a fake mustache set.


Walla’s What the Kids Love Podcast

From’s on a really cool podcast with The Raveonettes, Regina Spektor, and Camera Obscura.  This podcast – well, the author calls it a mixtape – is on Walla, which is like Israel’s AOL or Yahoo.  I am from Israel.  Do you see how I could be excited about this juxtaposition?  I am very excited.

[Translated from Hebrew] “Roni Brunn, the woman who fronts From, was born in Israel and even spent her early years here, till she moved to Beverly Hills High School and started hanging out with all sorts of people who are probably named Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, David, Steve, and Dylan.  There was this one girl named Andrea, but Roni didn’t bond with her – justifiably.  Even though Andrea wore glasses, she wasn’t really a hipster, and between us, she kinda had bad breath.”

From – Dream With You


Downloadable Sculpture

By Roni Brunn | June 29, 2009 | News


George W. Hart‘s Frabjous sculpture is made out of 30 identical laser-cut pieces of wood.  I love its simultaneous simplicity and complexity.  Before Hart got the wood laser cut, he made a model in paper.  You can download the template here and make one or a series!

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Twitter updates for the week ending on 2009-06-28

By Roni Brunn | June 28, 2009 | Twitter Updates

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Anna Sui x Target

By Roni Brunn | June 26, 2009 | News


In stores between September 13 and October 17, Anna Sui‘s capsule collection for Target features looks that are inspired by Gossip Girl‘s Blair, Serena, Jenny, and Vanessa.  Well, that’s according to the marketing material.  At least four of the 19 looks resemble pieces Sui showed in her main line (see Nylon).  I suppose you can say it’s these characters’ picks from Anna Sui, knocked off with simpler details and fabrics.

Check out the rest of the looks:

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The Radio Dept. – “Messy Enough”

By Roni Brunn | June 25, 2009 | Music downloads, News

Dreamgazers The Radio Dept. just released the latest EP, David.  “Messy Enough” is a beautiful B-side featuring a smooth guitar lead over their signature sweeping synths and displaced vocals.  David is a great single, and the EP is highly recommended.

The Radio Dept. – “Messy Enough”

Get David from Labrador, their excellent label

Visit The Radio Dept. at their site or MySpace

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Christopher Kane x Topshop

By Roni Brunn | June 24, 2009 | News


British designer Christopher Kane will launch a capsule collection for Topshop in October.  The 39 piece range will include shoes and accessories, and they’ll retail for $80-300.  Judging by the photos, it looks very promising.  If you’re near a Topshop this fall, do hurry to have a shot at this stuff.  His party dresses normally go for more than $2000, and his spring 09 main line collection sold out on the day it debuted at

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Malin + Goetz Store on the UWS

By Roni Brunn | June 24, 2009 | News


The minimalist, unisex beauty line Malin + Goetz has a beautiful new store in New York’s Upper West Side.  Just as the line combines science with nature, the space mixes futuristic white surfaces with rich, traditional walnut wood paneling from a mansion on Long Island’s Gold Coast.  The clever design reveals the space’s past as a barber shop with touches like patches of the tin ceiling showing through spacey circular cutouts.

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Lake Heartbeat – “Golden Chain”

By Roni Brunn | June 23, 2009 | News


Another treat from Sweden comes to us from the brilliant Lake Heartbeat.  This gorgeous, sunny post-bloghouse electro pop song might be my summer crush.  LHB’s album comes out in early September on the ever excellent Service.

The photo on the album art was taken in Miami, if you’re curious (I was).

Get it from Klicktrack

Visit Lake Heartbeat at their site or MySpace

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Tweet About From’s Bassist Hunt and Maybe Win Fake ‘Stache

By Roni Brunn | June 22, 2009 | From, News

bass-prize-packWe need your help to find a bassist!  Please help us get the word out.  Every time you do, you’ll be entered to win stuff:

Prize Pack

  • a wolf T-shirt
  • a Whole Foods bag screen printed with From
  • a pack of fake mustaches
  • From’s debut album, Fair Isle, in a double jewel case with another artist’s CD and artwork

Five additional winners will each get a digital download of Fair Isle.

Getting the Word Out


Tweet “Help @thebandfrom find a bassist! Info at Please RT!”

OR – if you follow @thebandfrom, just retweet a contest announcement we make.  Make sure your retweet has “RT @thebandfrom” and a link that goes to

Every time someone retweets your contest announcement, you get another shot at one of the prizes, as long as they keep your @username in the tweet.

You can enter the contest more than once, but please be considerate to your followers.

facebook-logoNot on Twitter but still want to help? Post the contest page on a social network or a blog and send us the URL and a screen capture.

Some examples of entries: post a note on Facebook, a blog entry on MySpace, a post on Tumblr, or a blog entry on your blog.  You may also use other social networks as long as you find a way to share the contest politely with your friends.  Just write a few words about it and include an active link to and the text “Help From find a bassist.”

Don’t spam anyone on our behalf, please! After you post, take a screen capture of the live post and send it along with its URL to basshelp [at] thebandfrom [dot] com.


Info about the contest
Info for bassists

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Twitter updates for the week ending on 2009-06-21

By Roni Brunn | June 21, 2009 | Twitter Updates

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