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[ingenting] – “Halleluja!”

By Roni Brunn | July 29, 2009 | Music downloads, News


This enveloping, gorgeous pop track from [ingenting] is my current fav, as of hours or a few days ago when I first heard it.  There’s no reason indie pop can’t be well-written.  I have no patience for most NPR indie, with its lazy or mediocre song writers. It can be done!  You can first write a good song and only then slap on some indie veneer!  So, yeah, “Halleluja!” is a good song.  I have a lot of cred.

The word “ingenting” (een-yen-TEENG) means “nothing” in Swedish.  That’s as philosophical as I can get in that language.  Wish my Swedish were good enough to sing along – I’m sure it’ll have a big allsång moment at Way Out West, where [ingenting] will play August 15.

“Halleluja!” is the first single from the band’s next album, Tomhet, idel tomhet (“emptiness, nothing but emptiness”).  The album was produced by Jari Haapalainanen (Camera Obscura, Ed Hardcourt, Eldkvarn, The Concretes) and is due September 9 on the ever excellent Labrador.

And, hey, check out their candid shots at MySpace.  Cute.  They remind me of these spontaneous pictures of me.

[ingenting] – “Halleluja!”

Pre-order Tomhet, ideal tomhet at Labrador

Visit [ingenting] on their site or MySpace


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From x Mad Men

By Roni Brunn | July 28, 2009 | From, News

I love Mad Men.  AMC just launched a site where you can create characters in the style of the show.  Naturally, I put From at a bar with Don:

from-at-mad-menL-R: Rodrigo Nunes, Paul Best, Roni Brunn, Nick Bond, Don Draper.  [Sorry, guys, it’s the best I could do…  I look very lumpy myself.]

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Fashion Deals on Twitter

By Roni Brunn | July 28, 2009 | News


Fashion and technology go together like no they don’t.  However, deals are announced on Twitter all the time.  Here are some profiles on Twitter that tweet out sales announcements for high end fashion.  At least half of these seem to be bots run by accessories site, which doesn’t make them useless but does make you wonder.  Regardless, think of these as @diditleak for luxury goods:

Balenciaga – @BalenciagaSale
Automated announcements of Balenciaga items on sale online

Barneys – @BarneysNY
Updates on stuff for sale at Barneys, not whether Barneys is for sale

Bottega Veneta – @BottegaSales
Automated announcements of Bottega items on sale online

Bluefly – @bluefly_com
Announcements from Bluefly, a discounted online shop featuring Prada, La Perla, and Matthew Williamson.  Filtering is needed since Bluefly’s Twitter feed also includes style-related news, and website mostly sells contemporary labels (I’d rather buy Zara than anything contemporary).

Fashion Rox – @fshnrx
Has announced sample sales by Alexander Wang and Dolce & Gabbana

Gilt Groupe – @gilt_groupe
Multi designer online sample sales by labels like Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen

Hermes – @HermesSale
Automated announcements of Balenciaga items on sale online.  Barely any updates b/c Hermes hardly goes on sale

Jimmy Choo – @JimmyChooSales
Automated announcements of Jimmy Choo items on sale online

Lanvin – @LanvinSales
Automated announcements of Lanvin items on sale online

Missoni – @MissoniSales
Automated announcements of Missoni items on sale online

Net-a-Porter – @Luxury_Fashion
Style news and advice along with announcements from this excellent online store selling Rochas, Proenza, and Balmain.  Plus tons more, and the selection is very well edited.

Sally – @samplesally
NYC blogger who reports on and from sample sales

Stella McCartney – @StellaMSales
Automated announcements of Stella McCartney items on sale online

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Pipette Lamps

By Roni Brunn | July 27, 2009 | News

25_pipettes-promiseI love minimalist modernism.  My current apartment is the most confrontationally stark place I’ve lived.  It gives the eye very few opportunities to escape the clean scheme.  It’s not a place where cool new design (stuff from Moss) just substitutes classically modeled objects (stuff from Pottery Barn and Anthropologie).  It’s structurally, fundamentally minimal, and I get a lot of shit for it.

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Twitter updates for the week ending on 2009-07-26

By Roni Brunn | July 26, 2009 | Twitter Updates

  • @tomewing Yup. Even if no one agrees w/ u you’re far better off saying something’s better than something else than resorting to relativism in reply to tomewing #
  • @tomewing haha fair enough. I’m naive a lot and don’t always see sarcasm… Also, being Israeli, I get a lot of hate framed as relativism.. in reply to tomewing #
  • @tomewing agreed. It’s not even ideal in a hypothetical sense, but individuals should have standards, or taste, along w/ self-awareness in reply to tomewing #
  • @tomewing that’s a very rare preference, i’m sure u realize. Most ppl read abt/listen to ppl who are a lot like them. To a comical extent. in reply to tomewing #
  • Random woman walked into the studio saying she was drawn by the music & that we suck. She complained abt being told to leave #
  • @FrankRamz Yeah, we assume she was quite drunk…. Just a person walking down the street, not a musician or anything… Sad, actually. in reply to FrankRamz #
  • Like it, & hope im not hypocritical by RTing this: RT @loudersoft: “People who know don’t talk, and people who talk don’t know.” #
  • HELP! We need a bassist. Know someone? Or can u help get the word out? U can win fake ‘staches! Pls pls RT!! #
  • oh no! RT @pmablog: RT @brooklynvegan: sad news alert: Adam Yauch (MCA) has cancer. Beastie Boys cancel all dates #
  • @pars1 haha it’s complicated, unfortunately… in reply to pars1 #
  • @freeeky thanks! in reply to freeeky #
  • HELP! We need a bassist. Know one? Can u help get the word out? U can win fake ‘staches! pls RT! #
  • @Denise_Cox Thank you! in reply to Denise_Cox #
  • @yvynyl thanks, Mark! in reply to yvynyl #
  • @dabitch HAHAH well, we’re not looking for a virtuoso, but remote practice sessions would be kinda hard =) in reply to dabitch #
  • @dabitch thank you! in reply to dabitch #
  • Let’s go hang out w/ Beck! RT @pmablog: should i become a Scientologist? #
  • @anaria thanks for getting the word out about the bassist hunt! in reply to anaria #
  • @dabitch We’d be honored! (& I do rhythm egg, so there’s def room for the triangle!) in reply to dabitch #
  • @bdunbar thanks for spreading the word about our bassist hunt!! in reply to bdunbar #
  • @daydreamrepublc Thanks, Viv! in reply to daydreamrepublc #
  • What possesses ppl to insist I take their interior design tips? My apt is very minimal, precise – & intentionally so. STFU plebes. So rude. #
  • @derrick1792 thanks, Derrick! in reply to derrick1792 #
  • @daydreamrepublc exactly! The less they know, the louder they preach! in reply to daydreamrepublc #
  • RT @fffolly: say what?! RT @baratunde Harvard prof Gates arrested at Cambridge home #StillBlack #StayClassy #
  • @povertyjetset yeah, I wish there were just a lite, standalone ID3 editor for Mac in reply to povertyjetset #
  • @MykalBurns hahaha can I get that at pottery barn? The stylerati seem to love that place! in reply to MykalBurns #
  • @derrick1792 OMG!! Me too!! How rad would that be??? in reply to derrick1792 #
  • @pars1 hahaha know a good lawyer? in reply to pars1 #
  • @pmablog You’re speaking my language! Saks has a much better men’s dept than Neiman’s, which is my fav. 4th flr cafe/bar is super good. in reply to pmablog #
  • @musicisart did you see the new Stella McCartney x Bambi ads? Def inspiring, i think: in reply to musicisart #
  • Woo! got a Google Voice invitation. Doesn’t take that long! #
  • @bdunbar haha, cool, we try to be new and different. Sometimes good, too! =) in reply to bdunbar #
  • RT @TheBarbaricYawp: RT: The Silversun Pickups (@SSPU) will be having a FREE Secret Show this Wednesday! Details? #
  • !! RT @yvynyl: Link: Spotify strikes deal with IODA, adds 2 million more tracks, preps US launch #
  • & hello to GQ & Details RT @bryanboy: Say goodbye to ! #
  • Haha tough call RT @mattchait: James Blunt declines Weird Al permission to include parody on his new record! Happy? Sad? Cant decide. #
  • @mikidrapes Me too. Always thought it was kinda dumb for Conde Nast to create online-only brands instead of extending existing ones like GQ in reply to mikidrapes #
  • Nice! RT @mandalastudio: Mandala Studio is now on Flickr: #
  • I want an iced latte b/c it’s hot out, but it’s hot out, so I don’t wanna leave the AC to go get it. Lazy catch 22. #
  • HAHAHA brilliant! RT @pars1: love this: “I don’t read beacuase it makes you think to much” ‘ WHy didn’t anyone tell me that earlier #
  • @PigsAndPlans how are you doing? how’s work? #
  • @KatrinaSzish ah, indeed it is. Try 2 focus on where u’r going. Disappointments could be much worse, & you’ll still get there. Fun helps, 2 in reply to KatrinaSzish #
  • I’m posting about this band Sonjagon tomorrow: They’re super good #
  • New Empire of the Sun video #
  • @pars1 wow!!! Grattis, Pär!!! in reply to pars1 #
  • Wow. RT @largeheartedboy: Corporate co-opting (including Barnes & Noble) of the “buy local” movement #
  • Fashion+music connex might b a myth. Hard to think of legit artists into good fashion & vice versa. So far: Interpol. Maybe Kanye. Who else? #
  • I mean, image is a big deal in music, fashion ppl are pop culture antennae. But image isn’t fashion, and fashion ppl get songs kinda late. #
  • YES! Plus Burberry contract RT @JessicaSuarez: @thebandfrom I think Patrick Wolf has great style! #
  • =) + cool britt’a 90s RT @mikidrapes: @thebandfrom Fashion + music more common in the UK, New Pop & New Romantics in the 80’s or ..P. Wolf.. #
  • @mikidrapes I see Allen & Boots as celebs w/ Hollywood style as opposed to an understanding of fashion, unlike P Wolf. in reply to mikidrapes #
  • @mikidrapes Then we’re getting into sexuality, too. I think ppl in the UK aren’t as freaked out by homosexuality. No idea if that’s true… in reply to mikidrapes #
  • @mikidrapes Boots more so than Allen. B looks like she had a Hollywood makeover. Allen is more wordly.Neither has taste or gets fashion.ouch in reply to mikidrapes #
  • As for fashion ppl’s music, here’s Antonio Berardi’s summer playlist: #
  • I love the exceptions, but I still think on the whole, fashion & music intersect in a mutually simplified space. Unlike fashion+art, for ex. #
  • Style aside, they don’t do high fashion. Maybe Estelle. RT @mikidrapes: @thebandfrom ps –even more: MIA, Bat For Lashes, Estelle … #
  • @mikidrapes I have no idea! I’m ignorant about the history of music hall drag. “Puritanical America” says a lot! in reply to mikidrapes #
  • @mikidrapes haha, hate to be mean… It’s pretty standard to be made over by one’s label. Some labels look for raw material to style. in reply to mikidrapes #
  • Maybe we could say that musicians are more likely to get high fashion than other ppl w/ fame. Errr, that doesn’t sound too charitable, tho. #
  • For the record, I don’t think that “getting fashion” is the peak of human achievement. I do get annoyed when flamboyance is taken 4 fashion. #
  • @mikidrapes haha in reply to mikidrapes #
  • @mikidrapes for me, fashion is the ultimate visual expression of culture. Has to be well made, has to say more than just abt the individual in reply to mikidrapes #
  • @mikidrapes so yeah, just wearing current clothes is meaningless. As cool as it might be, staying 2 far outside culture is also not fashion in reply to mikidrapes #
  • @bryanboy & maybe use pieces of ciabatta instead of rice! i like it! in reply to bryanboy #
  • @pmablog $20. Please ‘publish the results’!! in reply to pmablog #
  • RT @jonahweiner: “TAZ: 98 KELLY: 100”! A tour of R. Kelly’s house #
  • @mikidrapes RT @mattmusicslut: oh shiz, MIA’s son wears the same polka dot outfit as mom! #
  • Can’t wait 4 “shoe shopping spree”-style headlines RT @dberlind: RT @steverubel: Amazon acquires Zappos – press release #
  • Jagger’s kid in tacky ads RT @agencyspy:Y does Hudson think it’s OK 2 put a 1/2 naked 17 yr old in their jeans campaign? #
  • ! RT @pmablog: Twilight didn’t break $200mill @ the Box Office. I thought it was some kind of big deal. The Hangover is bigger than Twilight #
  • I keep thinking about how much gelato I’ll be eating this weekend, and it’s almost making me look fwd to the wisdom tooth extraction. #
  • @JessicaSuarez OMG! Love it. I’m gonna blog about those lights. Thanks for the tip! in reply to JessicaSuarez #
  • @JessicaSuarez Wow, her stuff is insane. I really like the writing & photography, too. Everything is so thought out. in reply to JessicaSuarez #
  • @pars1 what Lefsetz stuff are you referring to? in reply to pars1 #
  • @pars1 It’s a strange constellation of the biz being in disarray, his audience and his confidence. Such a phenomenon. in reply to pars1 #
  • @daydreamrepublc Wow, that place is amazing! Have fun! in reply to daydreamrepublc #
  • @bryanboy they’re all gonna talk about how fabulous you are, and you’ll prolly have a good time catching up w/ friends. in reply to bryanboy #
  • @bryanboy ha, then you’re like me, ‘cept I avoid these things. If you do go, remember you can always fake a headache & leave! 😉 in reply to bryanboy #
  • @anthoNYC totally! Those are the ppl who order bottles of wine w/o looking at the wine list, 2. in reply to anthoNYC #
  • God? RT @pmablog: Heidi Montag To Perform At Miss Universe Pageant. Who set this up?!?! #
  • Just make sure u don’t tweet on the sabbath RT @mattmusicslut: say a prayer by tweeting to the western wall, i kid you not. @theKotel #
  • @daydreamrepublc congrats, Viv!! in reply to daydreamrepublc #
  • Love this review. Tempted to apply the distributive property RT @1000TimesYes: 509)Wye Oak/The Knot: (Quiet+loud+quiet+loud)(Mushy).#6 #
  • Not being sarcastic. I love math. #
  • @daydreamrepublc YAY! I can’t believe we haven’t talked math yet! Check out my math club on Facebook: in reply to daydreamrepublc #
  • @daydreamrepublc Yeah, I used to be pissed b/c I thought I sucked at music. (before I tried, du!) You’ll love math club!! in reply to daydreamrepublc #
  • RT @onethirtybpm: Phoenix Reveal Fall U.S. Tour Dates #
  • Sorry, my immigrant’s grasp of the English language doesn’t stretch far enough for me ‘to get’ the title “I Gotta Feeling” #
  • @pmablog and it’s marketed as ‘real’ and ‘street,’ right? That’s somehow worse & more abusive to our culture. Their sales must be inflated. in reply to pmablog #
  • @Aziziz Thank you! <3d your estimate of Scout Willis’ SAT score. Did ppl at brown have a son-of/daughter-of fetish? It plagues Harvard bros in reply to Aziziz #
  • Help! What movies should I get for my bed rest? I like James Bond, Jason Bourne, The Graduate, and Legally Blonde. Tend to h8 most movies. #
  • Going to N’ice Cream on @DBArchitecture’s expert recommendation. Aw man, that ice cream scoop is eating itself #
  • @rodrigolab Thanks! will check it out! in reply to rodrigolab #
  • @bryanboy go magicjack! #
  • @bryanboy got a msg saying you’re unavailable. Hope you’re talking to someone cute! in reply to bryanboy #
  • #LA Anyone going to the Edward Sharpe, Eskimo Hunter show at the Hammer tonight? #
  • @bryanboy So nice to talk to you! You’re, like, REAL! Yeah, I’d think that your thousands of followers would run to their phones =) in reply to bryanboy #
  • @mattchait THANK YOU!!! Very very helpful! in reply to mattchait #
  • @markdienger Good to know! I’ll go early. I might be on the list, fingers crossed. Keep me posted if you’re going! in reply to markdienger #
  • I just got fucking chased for more than 2 miles. Guy ran red lights. I started driving to a police station. Lost him. Am shaking #
  • @bryanboy genius! Go register right now!! in reply to bryanboy #
  • @povertyjetset thanks! I’m at an ice cream store now, so no need to imagine a happy place in reply to povertyjetset #
  • How did I notice the guy chasing me? He almost rammed into my car. but it’s all okay now! #
  • @KatrinaSzish thanks! Yeah, still a bit woozy but was fine enough to drive home. in reply to KatrinaSzish #
  • Worked! totally hooked up w/ d nutter RT @mattchait: @thebandfrom that’s what boys do when they like a girl but can’t find a rock to throw. #
  • @piggymurph Thank you!!! Yeah, no fun at all. in reply to piggymurph #
  • @daydreamrepublc thanks! Yeah, there are nutters out on the road! in reply to daydreamrepublc #
  • I’m at the Hammer. Highest concentration of hipsters i’ve seen in the 310, but they don’t bug. Either they’re cleaner or there r good lights #
  • @siashin aw, thank you!! Next time I’ll call the police… I never use the phone while driving, so I thought I’d need 2 pull over. Dumb. in reply to siashin #
  • 3 ppl were noodle dancing. They stopped by the time I started tweeting. Love the 310. U know they’d still be at it at the 323 #
  • @fffolly haha John galliano comes to mind. (relieved his lack of taste is more widely discussed). Most flamboyance is costume, not fashion. in reply to fffolly #
  • @fffolly so true!!! Advertising $s and celeb glam do carry u far in fashion. So wrong he got the CFDA! in reply to fffolly #
  • I love musicians that jump around, make eye contact w/ the audience & each other, & seem to ‘enjoy what they’re doing’ #
  • @mattchait Twitter cleaned out spammer accts in reply to mattchait #
  • @tomewing I think they’re trying to build GReader into a social network :(. I share but i’m very private abt it in reply to tomewing #
  • @daydreamrepublc yay!! in reply to daydreamrepublc #
  • @tomewing I wonder if google will release a GReader API & encourage bloggers 2 add a module showing who liked posts etc like Tumblr in reply to tomewing #
  • @bryanboy r yr ears burning? Just talked about u w mark cobrasnake (whom I don’t know but he snapped my dress) #
  • @bryanboy he really likes you as well! def comes across as a decent person. =) in reply to bryanboy #
  • @jeffdelkin woo freedom! Welcome back! in reply to jeffdelkin #
  • @pars1 nice! Where are you going? in reply to pars1 #
  • @pars1 never mind my previous tweet. Have fun at the south! in reply to pars1 #
  • Hollywood days: Thurs car chase then got photo’d; today, elective surgery. Cept nutter chasing me not papparazzo & wisdom tooth ex now.Haha #
  • @Denise_Cox ooh, sounds fun! Enjoy it! Lotsa updates! in reply to Denise_Cox #
  • @samuelmjohnson none, nowhere, never, invisible ink, 5″x3″ in reply to samuelmjohnson #
  • So far, recovery is rlly fun! The Departed, gelato, naps. Not even freaking out over spotty wifi. I guess pain meds do feel good. #
  • And here’s a perfect modern towel rack wow, right? @dbarchitecture has amazing taste #
  • H8 birds, those flying shit vessels RT @sheenabeaston: Ew I just saw a bird knock the hat off some kid #
  • @EdwinVanCleef new track? Do it! in reply to EdwinVanCleef #
  • @earfarm phew, Was afraid of PETA-style smackdown. H8d birds yrs b4 I got crapped on, which happened outside a synagogue I refused 2 enter. in reply to earfarm #
  • Watched the intro to The Departed. Bored. Want to browse luxury goods, but wifi sucks. Care to twitpic or send me links to beautiful things? #
  • @earfarm somehow birds don’t count. I don’t get parrots as pets. The shit shenanigans didn’t turn me into a believer… Feathers r cool tho in reply to earfarm #
  • Go! Tod’s 65% off this weekend- friends & family sale your turn. Send me a link 2 something good, pls! #
  • Pathetic RT @dabitch: Speechless. ! RT @AdFreak EA takes booth babe lechery to a new level at Comic-Con: #lust #EAFail #
  • @earfarm no way! A good bird movie? What’s it about? Um I mean what’s the take, besides birds? in reply to earfarm #
  • @earfarm haha will have to check it out. Sounds like a good movie to have in the background while working. in reply to earfarm #
  • @mattchait wow, what did you see? Hope to go to museums with u at some pt. You’re opinionated & knowledgable. I’m just the former. in reply to mattchait #
  • Awight, i’m on IM as thebandfrom@gmail. Bed rest is making me social. Say hi and be prepared to have all yr jokes LOLd at #
  • @mattchait I need to make a NY trip. Fall, maybe, I hope. In the meantime, I def appreciate yr updates! in reply to mattchait #
  • @piggymurph century city mall by chance? At least that food court is well-designed! One of my fav public spaces in LA in reply to piggymurph #
  • Agreed RT @pmablog: Hey guy hitting me up 4 change 2 buy cigarettes. Fuck off. Go find a cheaper addiction… Like masturbation or MP3 blogs #
  • Not a fan of the microcuts of music video cinematography in The Departed, & Nicholson’s leopard wardrobe #
  • @piggymurph that’s a good reason to be anywhere! in reply to piggymurph #
  • @mattchait haha it’s not bad, but Im watching it bc I couldn’t find that 65 bond style film you recommended in reply to mattchait #
  • @mattchait I didn’t look for a DVD yet, just rapidshare… in reply to mattchait #
  • Apparently I made a dr’s appt this morning for next week. Have no recollection. I guess the meds do have an effect. #
  • Jack Nicholson over-acts. Guessing it’s the same appeal as Tarantino movies. I’m not into the cinema. #
  • @pmablog have fun in Boston! I love that town. in reply to pmablog #
  • Haha RT @piggymurph: Harry potter is like metropolitan crossed with lord of the rings. #
  • RT @dberlind: Hubble reawakened temporarily to snap photos of Jupiter’s new Earth-sized scar #
  • Caddyshack now playing. Never seen it b4. Oh shit animatronic rat thing. With the teeth. Oh shit I can’t name things #
  • Bill Murray’s knee length shorts are very good in caddy shack #
  • Gum jingle by girl beater turns popular wedding song RT @pmablog: Is THIS why Chris Brown’s “Forever” is selling again? #
  • So good!! I’m ready for post tough chic romantics RT @bryanboy: missoni: #
  • Looking fwd to the missoni store 2 open at Santa Monica & Rodeo. Big space. #90210 #
  • @OCRemax thanks for the #ff! Have a good weekend! in reply to OCRemax #
  • !! RT @seanbonner: RT @abc7: Hate redlight cameras? Good news: Comp. that runs them in debt, may get shut off inLA #
  • @mattchait ha, yeah. Taking a break. I wanna browse luxury goods but there’s no wifi in this room. Can’t take plot now… in reply to mattchait #
  • Marc Jacobs lanches tees with pro gay marriage messaging #
  • Watching makeup instructional vids on YouTube. Think I’ll be trying stuff tomorrow, day 2 of bed rest. I can’t be passive. #
  • Me too RT @pmablog: Alexandra Patsavas (@chopshopmusic) is my hero. #
  • @mattchait hahah those origami shirts are so cute! in reply to mattchait #
  • @mattchait I assumed that’s what u meant by Japanese shirt folding. But I’ll search. Used 2 work at the Gap, so fold clothes meticulously… in reply to mattchait #
  • @pmablog OH NO!! I hope the airline will be decent to you. Nightmare. And you’re away 4 a wedding, right? Nothing on yr list is expendable in reply to pmablog #
  • @pars1 alas, me too. Could have fallen asleep 4 hrs ago, but i’m somehow past it. Here’s to some rest…! in reply to pars1 #
  • @bryanboy yeah, there are some Jewish communities in Mexico. Good question for the sabbath, yo in reply to bryanboy #
  • Woke up all proud – I don’t need no stinkin vicodin. Then saw the clock. I slept for 5 hrs. How much no good is that! #
  • @tinypine thx! Had a wisdom tooth taken out yesterday. I’m fine, but I need sleep. Read yr email, now I see yr tweet. R u okay w the split? #
  • @piggymurph thank you! I only got one out, an upper, so it’s not that bad. Have a good weekend!! in reply to piggymurph #
  • Super cool RT @piggymurph: Fractal cauliflower. Whoa. #
  • Go! Wish I could! RT @daydreamrepublc: – Benefit for Iran tonight in Los Angeles. Spread the word #iranelection #
  • Air conditioning and gelato are two of mankind’s greatest contributions to my well being. #
  • @pars1 Sounds excellent! Have fun!! in reply to pars1 #
  • Life altering RT @bryanboy: ANNA WINTOUR RING TONES FOR EVERYONE! #
  • Boo. I can’t make it to From’s practice session tomorrow. Out of it. Shouldn’t drive or engage w/ ppl IRL. #
  • Very sweet, actually – Terry Richardson shot Dolce & Gabbana cavorting as if they’re still dating for GQ Italia #
  • Nothing’s wrong with the world/my drowsy head when Lake Heartbeat is playing. #
  • @daydreamrepublc You’re welcome! Proud of you already! Have a great trip!! in reply to daydreamrepublc #
  • @rockinsider fish markets are usually closed on Sunday, so lots of sushi places follow suit instead of serving non-fresh fish. in reply to rockinsider #
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Prada Pop Up Store in Paris

By Roni Brunn | July 23, 2009 | News

prada-place-beauvau-paris-int-02-600x446Prada just opened a pop up store on Place Beauvau 92 in Paris.  Designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi, the 570 meter space was inspired by both the Mirabeau Bridge and the Italian luxury firm’s original store in Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.  The blending of the two results in a surrealism that’s typically Prada.

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Sonjagon – “We Are Coming Over Tonight”

By Roni Brunn | July 22, 2009 | Music downloads, News


Okay, so my love for Swedish music might seem promiscuous sometimes.  I enjoy the country’s spineless hip hop and soulless factory pop more than anyone who respects quality, probably because I value fun more than meaning.  Sonjagon has both, though.  If you’re more cerebral about music, you’d probably appreciate them, too.
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Stella McCartney x Bambi Ads

By Roni Brunn | July 20, 2009 | News


Stella McCartney’s fall campaign plants characters from Disney’s Bambi into lush nature scenes shot by Ryan McGinley  in the woods of Worcestershire, England.  McCartney explains, “we wanted to have some fun. The clothes in the campaign are looking quite fierce, and we wanted to contrast them with the innocence of Bambi.”  Bambi, Thumper, Friend Owl, and Flower the skunk, along with model Sigrid Agren, star in the campaign, set to break as double-page spreads in the September issues of French, Italian and British Vogue, V and Another Magazine.

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Ben & Jerry’s Art Installation Ads, Singapore

By Roni Brunn | July 20, 2009 | News

Ben & Jerry’s new ad campaign in Singapore is so cool.  The brand is well served by photos of psychedelic art installations you can hug.

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Twitter updates for the week ending on 2009-07-19

By Roni Brunn | July 19, 2009 | Twitter Updates

  • Super good!! RT @pmablog: !!!! RT @britneyspears: In Stockholm in the studio with Max Martin. -Britney #
  • @mattpicasso I only have annoying solutions: restart phone; wait it out; try deleting the acct in settings/mail, then adding it again in reply to mattpicasso #
  • @lostateminor Hipsters aren’t artists. By pretending to be, they suffocate culture with derivative work and empty prose about it. in reply to lostateminor #
  • Agreed RT @fffolly: sookie’s hair/makeup/clothes are awful this season. where’s her sweet & saucy southern vampire-bait look? #trueblood #
  • Ridiculously loud construction. I’m in earplugs, and I can’t focus. Off to the library. Really hate not working at my desk. #
  • @mattchait Sucks! What are you doing to avoid it? in reply to mattchait #
  • @mattchait :( I’m with you. in reply to mattchait #
  • @mattchait on the inside. in reply to mattchait #
  • Anyone here into Gaga and can help me out w/ something? It involves listening and will take 5-10 mins. #
  • @mikidrapes I was tempted to mock the Times for being so behind, but I guess their readership is, too. Their web coverage is embarrassing. in reply to mikidrapes #
  • Microsoft to launch music streaming service inspired by Spotify w/ MS’s “scale & quality of product” via @Aziziz #
  • Tired of Brangelinification of phrases, esp -tastic et al RT @agencyspy: Just saw a Corona ad that said, “Summerbration.” Fuck them, srsly. #
  • hahaha funny cuz it’s trunest RT @mattchait: @thebandfrom sounds like you need to take a Breakation. #
  • Swedish radio stream is down, which means I’m the DJ today. Not into it. I’m too lazy, and albums go by too fast! #
  • @mattchait @siashin wish I were there! Looks amazing. in reply to mattchait #
  • ha RT @earfarm: watching old Men at Work vids, how the shitty production value of early MTV actually prepared audiences for reality TV shows #
  • @tara let’s get drinks then! in reply to tara #
  • @bryanboy depends on the state of your current computer & how much you love the beach. i h8 the sun & <3 toys, so no contest for me. in reply to bryanboy #
  • Men’s studded shoes I love Prada’s dry sense of humor #
  • sometimes wet 😉 #
  • Cheers! RT @pmablog: cool, My Yahoo is featurng Pretty Much Amazing “Expose yourself to alternative rock from the obscure to the popular” :) #
  • HAHAHA cute. RT @Denise_Cox: Note to self: Do not call the parisian dj ‘DJ French Fry’ when he’s within earshot #
  • @mikidrapes Nice to see an intellectual take on all those tough studs, I thought. We’re gonna laugh at this trend-might as well start now. in reply to mikidrapes #
  • !! RT @rodrigolab: Excerpt of the new mini-documentary about the making of Revolver – #
  • I think it’s barbaric to remove wisdom teeth just b/c. My dentist didn’t seem too keen on that POV. #
  • @pars1 precis! If there’s room, let it grow. I wanna keep my skeleton. But we found out a bad new development today, so 1 is gonna come out in reply to pars1 #
  • Should be a job requirement RT @Denise_Cox: The French consul-general is a fox. This good news! #
  • <3 Alber Elbaz #
  • @povertyjetset super cool! I’d start with white and dye them gradually. U dip in dye bath, then hang, then dip, covering less length, etc in reply to povertyjetset #
  • @povertyjetset the photo does look like dark jeans that have been bleached, but you get more control w/ dye. Check this: in reply to povertyjetset #
  • @pars1 Yeah, that’s a good plan. No barbaric skeleton hacking for you! in reply to pars1 #
  • @hipsterrunoff =) almost settles this question: in reply to hipsterrunoff #
  • sad! RT @Denise_Cox: Tried to re-order my prissy stationery & couldn’t. Mrs. John L. Strong R.I.P. #
  • Wherever we go with bring the monkey with us ♫ #
  • amen, sadly. i’d add the tabloid factor. actresses in fashion stories? no thx RT @bryanboy: can i get an amen? amen. #
  • sounds like a premise for a Mac commercial already RT @tara: Microsoft plans to open retail stores right next to Apple #
  • Happy birthday, @Rodrigolab!!!! #
  • @mattchait yeah, they had no chemistry, & the questions were so banal. What a waste. He was brilliant at coachella. 2.5 hrs, high energy in reply to mattchait #
  • @pars1 that sucks! What’s the weather like? in reply to pars1 #
  • Ha, i like ironic street signs RT @mattchait: – Ironic, no? #
  • @earfarm do keep an eye on the time machine, even tho it’s auto. I’ve seen it mess up inexplicably, then data showed up, also inexplicably. in reply to earfarm #
  • Dylan, Kinks, Smiths- works for me RT @fffolly: top 10 songs w/best fashion refs via @ebenezer007 #
  • @bryanboy yeah, same here. Wish we could do away w/ all cat comparisons. Then again, f them if they use the c word! in reply to bryanboy #
  • How enchanting RT @mattmusicslut: if i were gemma, i’d sue her PR company: “Norah Jones on Amy Winehouse’s drugs” – Gemma Ray makes US debut #
  • Did some girls’ hair this morning. One day, maybe I’ll be known for my true talents: coiffeur & eyebrows. It’s not showing off if it’s true. #
  • @pars1 Yeah, that’s annoying! There in reply to pars1 #
  • @pars1 oops — there’s always the threat of rain, and nothing feels right. I hate humidity. It’ll be over soon, I hope! in reply to pars1 #
  • @earfarm My mom’s backup was lost, so she had to sort files on a screwy restore. Then the time machine backup mysteriously showed up. in reply to earfarm #
  • Added Rapidshare links to my Paul McCartney/Letterman post: #
  • RIP photographer Julius Shulman Talented & funny. He call most of the LA’s arch style junk. Agreed. #
  • @Aziziz tanning beds; enthusiasm for the sun untarnished by its abundance; CA ppl more likely to avoid the sun b/c it ages skin in reply to Aziziz #
  • @pars1 just had lunch & am about to edit photos, code a website, maybe blog. Band rehearsal tonight! Wooo! in reply to pars1 #
  • 11 unintentionally funny domain names #
  • I #
  • I’m fascinated by Scientology. Check this: #
  • @pars1 Rehearsals are rad! the guys are so good and fun. Scientology is hilarious. How’s your headache? what are your plans this weekend? in reply to pars1 #
  • @pars1 So fun! You know, you can set up Twitter on your phone, hint hint. (Update via text or use an app, depending on the phone). in reply to pars1 #
  • @pmablog which one are you over? Potter or Transformers? in reply to pmablog #
  • I can’t stand it I know you planned it/I’m gonna set it straight, this Watergate // Beastie Boys – “Sabotage” ♫ #
  • Bags shouldn’t have girl names: cheap ploy to tempt women to buy stuff named after friends/themselves. Thought Lanvin was better than that. #
  • Bday for @rodrigolab before rehearsal #
  • Gonna practice with these shoes for the first time. 12cm I think. Wish me luck! #
  • @derrick1792 Thank you thank you! Where are you now? Where are you spending the weekend? in reply to derrick1792 #
  • @mattchait You were young and idealistic. Better not play w/ any girls as an adult! WTF in reply to mattchait #
  • @mattchait Just a response to your “girls just don’t get it” tweet. in reply to mattchait #
  • @mattchait Well, if u’r gonna mock me bringing cupcakes for a bday, u better come up w/ something funnier than girls r stupid. That’s all. in reply to mattchait #
  • @mattchait Sorry, there’s no thread anymore on TweetDeck. Assumed it was a reply to cupcakes b/c of pastry theme. in reply to mattchait #
  • @mattchait that I got :) in reply to mattchait #
  • @derrick1792 Tahoe sounds nice, and you must be happy to be home for the w/e: recording, rehearsal, brunch, and work. Oh, i’m late now. in reply to derrick1792 #
  • Rodeo Dr is bustling with good looking, well-dressed tourists carrying shopping bags. They look American. The Great Recovery begins? #
  • Obv we could have a recovery no matter what ppl wear. It just makes me proud to see the whole ugly American tourist cliché upended #
  • Haha RT @mattchait: @thebandfrom or a mass pre-suicide ‘fuck you’ to credit card companies. #
  • I’m sequestered at a dental clinic, and a video (VHS) on wisdom teeth removal is playing. Not cool. Barbaric propaganda. Get me out!! #
  • @piggymurph EXACTLY!! Looks like 1 will have to go but there’s room for the rest in reply to piggymurph #
  • RT @LATimestech: Verizon partnership tracks cellphone location data to predict real-time road traffic #
  • @rodrigolab it felt almost like being strapped in. Windows wouldn’t do much good on the 7th flr, but i did map out an exit strategy. =) in reply to rodrigolab #
  • @rodrigolab hahaha good call! in reply to rodrigolab #
  • @piggymurph thanks! the others look fine. sad that i don’t think i can trust most dentists. in reply to piggymurph #
  • @piggymurph Good call. This was the 2nd opinion. Didn’t push anything about the other wisdom teeth, which I do appreciate. in reply to piggymurph #
  • Go! RT @PigsAndPlans: Pigeons and Planes x Racks and Stands Giveaway! Entering is simple. #
  • @daydreamrepublc You rock! I think big square fan, but whatever’s more powerful would be great! Thanks! (I bet my reply is too late, tho) in reply to daydreamrepublc #
  • @pars1 haha “not sober” in reply to pars1 #
  • i like! RT @pmablog: this was today’s inspiration. and it was from a couple issues back! missed it i guess. #
  • @tara How awful! So sorry to hear that! Shit. in reply to tara #
  • Insanity! I bet that was a hassle. RT @piggymurph: At the airport I discovered my name is on the terror list. Must be some IRA guy. #
  • Ha, yeah, scary! RT @McBrewster: The World’s Oldest Man died again. Argh, when will that stop happening?!! #
  • Who said that? RT @mattchait: “2 songs in a row! No mistakes! We rule!” – actual quote. #
  • Heilarity, I’m sure. RT @mattchait: @thebandfrom NOFX. They also made several holocaust jokes. Several. #
  • Your knees’ll start shaking and your fingers pop/Like a pinch on the neck of Mr. Spock//Beastie Boys-“Intergala… ♫ #
  • 1st saw GaGa’s Kermit clothes on @Denise_Cox’s blog: Model has Gaga’s platinum bob on the de Castelbajac AW09 runway #
  • Hosting a welcome back brunch for @deffect. Not only is all the food ready on time, the kitchen is actually clean. Wow. #
  • I don’t get the point of all the recent Marissa Mayer press (eg NYTimes, Vogue profiles). Who’s gaining what from it? Stories are drab. #
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