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From’s Hell

By Roni Brunn | December 9, 2009 | From, News

That’s a preview to a movie is called The Band From Hell, and it depicts a band that will reportedly seduce you and rock your world and then eat your flesh (a process that would kill you).  A key fact about this band is that its lineup is all werewolves.

I find this film disturbing.  It’s like someone tried to depict The Band From’s hell and burned it onto a DVD.  I don’t want From to join concepts like marriage hell, bankruptcy hell, and DMV hell.  Look, I’m not being difficult here.  I’m pro abstract concepts and sometimes even think about them.  But obvs hell is a special case, and there’s lots more my band needs to accomplish before sorting out what From hell might be like.

We played our first show last week.  Give us a chance to make our mark before proceeding with a co-brand.  This movie isn’t the best fit for From.  Our music is predominantly upbeat catchy songs under 3 minutes.  There’s no hell on Maple Drive.  Fair Isle isn’t up in flames.  I guess quick pop songs would be torture for someone who hates to be happy, but that’s not really the target demographic.  I should add that we don’t eat people.

Can’t even watch this thing more than five times.

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Monster Kit

By Roni Brunn | December 9, 2009 | News

monster from kitCreate your own creature with this monster kit by Donna Wilson.  The $28 kit contains a pre-stitched creature shape, stuffing, and the extra bits that make up the features.  You can follow the instructions or freestyle.  You can sew or just use glue.  It’s a great gift, I think.  Then again, someone else might be annoyed about having to assemble a present.  Relationships are complicated.

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Recent Chocolate Design

By Roni Brunn | December 7, 2009 | News


Anke Bernotat‘s 100 grams of chocolate tangram (via)

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Photos from Our First Show

By Roni Brunn | December 4, 2009 | From, Gallery

Insanity – we had like 150 people at our first show, and there was no audience attrition.  Everyone stayed for the whole set.  We had the best time, and I can’t wait to edit the video & put it up.  Till then, we’ve got some photos.

As you can see, the venue, Daydream Republic, is a rough warehouse that’s been converted to an art space.  It’s a great setting, and we’re really grateful to have been booked for the holiday party.  Jacob Safari DJed after us and played the Curb Your Enthusiasm right after our last song.  Santa came around, pouring tequila to the guests.

I finally got to eat after the show.  Had French toast and chocolate chip pancakes from the Buttermilk Truck.  I thought it all tasted good, but damn, I was really hungry.  Couldn’t truly judge.

Big thanks to everyone who came to support us and all the people who worked hard to make the event such a success.  Vivien Killilea runs Daydream and constantly added more fun stuff to the evening, plus made it all go smoothly and promoted the hell out of it.  My brother Dan coached us a couple of weeks before and helped us refine the sound.  It really came together thanks to him.  Danielle Parsons filmed everything – and she’s a director, so she knows what she’s doing – AND she bought sparklers for the last song.  I thought we were years away from having fireworks at a show.  That was such an amazing surprise.  Photographer Mats Holmberg shot the whole thing.  I was told that my friend dismissed the writing room at The Simpsons to come see us.  Another friend came straight from the airport.  People came from Orange County.  I hope I’m not leaving out too many important details.

What a night.  Thanks!!!!!



By Roni Brunn | December 2, 2009 | From, News

paul-in-From-shirtHey.  We’re playing tonight at Daydream Republic’s Festive Edition.  It’s going to be a fun night with cheap drinks, a great DJ (Jacob Safari!), and the Buttermilk Truck.  The whole thing is free and goes from 8 to midnight:

Daydream Republic
4500 Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016

The event/our performance got featured on both Thrillist and LA Weekly.  We’re very grateful for the coverage!!  We’re just a little band trying to make our way, and we’re lucky to be part of an event that can get this much attention.

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Lanvin French Postal Stamps

By Roni Brunn | December 2, 2009 | News

fs-lanvinParis fashion house Lanvin commemorates its 120th anniversary with two French postal stamps designed by the brand’s creative director and my hero, Alber Elbaz.

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Lego x Muji

By Roni Brunn | December 1, 2009 | News

lego_muji_1Danish toy maker Lego collaborated with Japanese minimal retailer Muji to launch a few innovative toys.  The sets contain Lego bricks, paper, and a hole punch that’s aligned with the Legos’ iconic bumps.  Paper can then be integrated into Lego structures, creating a new way to build.  I’d love to have just the hole punch – even that piece is a cool bit of Japanese utilitarian minimalism.

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