From is an indie pop band based in Los Angeles.  It is comprised of its founder: singer, songwriter, and producer Roni Brunn.

From debuted with The American EP in 2006.  The 6 track release was received with critical praise, and Brunn was eclectically compared to Nico, The Cure, and Madonna.  The video for “American Girl” debuted in YouTube’s top 40.  Roni then moved to Stockholm, Sweden to work with musicians there.

After returning to LA, she composed and produced the album Fair Isle, which was recorded and engineered by Luke Top (Fool’s Gold, Cass Mccombs, Foreign Born).  From released a French-language cover of the Beastie Boys‘ “Fight for Your Right.”  The remix, which rose to Hype Machine’s top 10, was done by Jacob Safari (The Mae Shi, Signals; remixes for Mates of State, Major Lazer, and Crooked Fingers).  From’s press includes Said the Gramophone, Idolator, Pretty Much Amazing!, Pigeons and Planes, Wired, and NME.  Roni is now working on a new EP.

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Press Quotes for Recent Singles

From takes her pleasant little song and strikes it through with cacophony – a racket of synthetic horns. They are distracting as hell, but not in a bad way. They’re like the montgolfiers that draw your eyes up from the street, a dozen wheezing & whirring & bulbous hot-air balloons, and when finally you lower your gaze to the pavement you’re smitten with the wondrous surface world – the fruit-stands, trees, barbecues, mail-men, glass.
Said the Gramophone

The band From is indie-pop of the catchiest caliber. Founder and frontwoman Roni Brunn has quite an awesome story.
Pretty Much Amazing!

Imagine the Beastie Boys’ frat-boy classic performed by a “Harvard-educated, ex-fashion designer” (as the unfailingly savvy Pretty Much Amazing blog describes From’s Roni Brunn), backed by flute and cello samples, and rendered in an alternately breathy and bratty voice. Oh, and did we mention the whole thing is in French? Not to be missed.
Toronto Star

Here I have with me for you are 2 songs by this fantastic band/singer are “Dream With You” and “One Spring Away”. I love her voice, it’s different but relaxing and smooth. She’s sweet, she’s bubbly, and definitely talented. I’m wanting more!

From is a band. The music got me thinking a lot. Does music need context? I wish it didn’t, but I’m starting to think that it does. Maybe I’m totally off, but I think From is the type of band that people will either get and love/adore, or they won’t get it, and it would take a lot of explaining to really get the idea across without a frame of reference. I started off this post with the intention to explain my view of this music, what I appreciate about it, and why I find it valuable. I was planning to touch on the punk rock movement, Jandek, Adam Green/The Moldy Peaches, Wavves, The Fiery Furnaces, and Daniel Johnston. I decided against it. Some people will get it, and for others, maybe a new frame of reference can be created, and maybe From can open some doors. Or maybe I’m just totally wrong and the average listener will immediately identify with it.

… If, after reading all this, you aren’t interested in hearing her music, then you should go here.
Pigeons and Planes

It’s upbeat “wonderpop”, using a bunch of interesting instruments and a unique voice throwing out words that flirt very carefully with the surreal… It’s absurdly catchy.
Another Form of Relief

very catchy… I’m very curious to hear more.
Fuzzy Lion

Happy and catchy orchestral sounds that are reminiscent of the Long Blondes (to me, anyway). Roni grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel, attended high school in Beverly Hills, and graduated Harvard University with a major in economics; I can’t say I’ve ever known anyone else that can say that. She is a self-taught musician who writes, performs, and produces all the tracks for From. She’s got an addictive sound, I think you’ll like this!
Local Vertical

This music is the sound of upheaval, of instruments shoved into uncompromising positions…  I am utterly entranced…  It’s all a bit daft, from the unconventional execution to the strange reactions I am feeling in my approving toes.”

Press Quotes for the “One Spring Away” Video

It’s your move, Gregg Gillis.

it takes a fine hand to elevate advertising — coolly thrashed by jaded pundits — to the soft-focused realm of scrapbook-worthy human experience. The Band From does it better than we could have.

two minutes and twenty-seven seconds of editing magic. This video from Roni Brunn is what we call FUN.
Lost at E Minor

I think because the song and the ‘curation’ of the bits and pieces from so many sources created a continuity and story line that was understandable. Plus the final piece is very endearing and magical, so I’m good with a little clash if that’s the end result.
dear ada

Roni Brunn of The Band From and Brand Records in L.A. has recently released a new and very creative music video for her song “One Spring Away”. Brunn has taken clips from 41 television commercials and mashed them into a music video. Think of it like a Girl Talk for the eyes.

More here and here.

Press for From’s blog

The From blog covers music, technology, fashion, and pop culture, all in a light, irreverent tone.  Some clips:

Press Quotes for The American EP

The American EP features a raw synth pop sound that ranges in style from sugary sweet to post-punk and is layered with vocals that are as infectious as they are haunting. The American EP is the amazingly catchy heart and soul of the one-girl band that is… From.

…the tracks exhibit a unified vision of modern pop, not as a disc with one single only… The American EP is catchy pop interlaced with moody music via The Cure in a Blade Runner future. Its simplicity is a refreshing change in a world of teen divas and regurgitated boy band heroes.
– Bootleg Magazine

From’s music can be described as brooding, electronic, spacey, frantic rock. It’s quite catchy in a quirky kind of way and its essence really is difficult to capture with words… If I had to pick, my description would be Madonna meets Ladytron.
– callmeMickey

Fair Isle sampler

Press Downloads

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Brunn grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel, attended high school in Beverly Hills, and graduated Harvard University with a major in economics. After college, she launched a line of high end handbags that sold in exclusive shops around the world and appeared in top fashion magazines and TV shows, including Vogue and Sex & the City. She also created Math-Club, an organization that puts on recreational math events as documented in Time, Wired, and NPR. In her work as a web developer, she created sites for Ringo Starr and Justin Timberlake. She is a self taught musician who writes, performs, and produces all the tracks for From.

Early Career

From debuted with The American EP in 2006. The 6 track release was recorded and engineered by Luke Top (Cass Mccombs, Fool’s Gold, The Cave-Ins/Ceramic Isles, Cairo Gang, Foreign Born, Papercuts, and Big Search).  The American EP was received with critical praise, and Brunn was eclectically compared to Nico, The Cure, and Madonna. The video for “American Girl” debuted in YouTube’s top 40. In 2007, From released a single featuring a cover of R.E.M‘s “Fall on Me” as well as an acoustic version of its song “American Girl.”

Later that year, Brunn relocated to Stockholm, Sweden, where she recruited musicians for a live band. In 2008, she moved back to Beverly Hills, where she created From’s debut album, Fair Isle.

Fair Isle was also recorded and engineered by Luke Top.  For the first single, “One Spring Away,” Brunn put together a music video made entirely of clips from 41 commercials.  The “One Spring Away” video includes a drumming gorilla, Sony spots, James Brown, and Gap’s Khaki Swing.  Timed at just 2:37, the widely acclaimed video rapidly combines disparate elements to create a unified, fun composition – like a visual take on Girl Talk.

The packaging for the album similarly makes provocative use of found material.  Fair Isle is a double album: one CD bears From’s infectious three minute pop songs and the other disc – an album from another band entirely, picked from a selection curated by Brunn.  The cover sums up the concept visually.  The original booklet from the second album is hand stenciled with “From” and “Fair Isle,” evoking graffiti and, with it, the brash spirit of the whole package.

While the band anticipates the release of the debut full length, it released a Beastie Boys cover.  From’s version “Fight for Your right” was rapped in French.  From replaced the Deep Purple-style guitar riff with a New Order sound, layered a fuzzed out synth on the 4/4 beat of an 808 kick drum, threw in samples of a Peruvian flute and a cello, and invited an all-girl choir to join in for the chorus.

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