My name’s Roni.  I’m from Tel Aviv, Israel, home to acclaimed musicians and hot girls.  I went to school at Harvard, lived in Stockholm for a bit, and the rest is pretty much suburban.  Now I live in LA.

From is my nom de band; I write, perform, and produce all the tracks, directed & creative directed the videos, run the label, write the blog, engineer the site, take the photos, and on it goes.  I love it.

Live performances reflect what From is into at the moment.  Fair Isle was performed in a traditional 5-piece lineup.  Upcoming material will have a more surprising stage setup.

My music was engineered and recorded by the super talented, super fancy Luke Top (Fool’s Gold, Cass Mccombs, The Cave-Ins/Ceramic Isles, Cairo Gang, Foreign Born, Papercuts, and Big Search).  From’s French-language cover of “Fight for Your Right” was remixed by musician/producer/composer Jacob Safari (Signals, ex Mae Shi; remixes for Mates of State, Major Lazer, and Crooked Fingers).

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Now From sells rebranded vintage concert T-shirts: click click click

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Comment from Brianne
October 27, 2010, 12:16 pm

Hello, I was just wondering what your readership information is/how many subscribers you have. Thank you.

Comment from Roni
October 27, 2010, 5:06 pm

Hi, this info is pretty private, but I’d be glad to answer other questions.

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