Beatles CD box set vs. 35 years of Billboard singles in vinyl

By Roni Brunn | October 23, 2008 | News

Is there a Beatles fan who doesn’t have the catalog on CD and MP3s?  Does that person need a new iPod engraved front and back with Beatles related insignia?  Bloomingdale’s thinks there are easily 2,500 such people.  If you know one and want to give that person an $800 gift, 2008 is your year:

Bloomingdale’s Beatles + iPod set

  • 120GB engraved iPod classic
  • 13 Beatles CDs
  • 2 masters
  • Love CD
  • engraved guitar pick
  • packaged in a box designed by Psycho Bunny
  • $795
  • Limited edition of 2,500

Get it here.

Suppose you live in a red state and have a super fancy BBQ.  You made your fortune in bottling.  Your first job made a paper run look like a stroll with a popsicle.  Surely, you remember the music that accompanied the building of an empire, but you can’t bother with another iPod [TIP: don’t give manufacturing titans iPods as presents].  Neiman Marcus has a compelling package in its grand Christmas book:

Neiman Marcus: 35 year collection of top 100 45s

  • All — each and every — 45 RPM vinyl record that was listed on the Billboard Top 100® Rock and Pop charts from Jan. 1, 1955, through Dec. 31, 1990.
  • About 18,400 records total.
  • Some are autographed.
  • $275,000


  • The Beatles’ 1964  “Ain’t She Sweet” with picture sleeve (NM estimates it’s worth $500)
  • Beach Boys’ 1961  “Surfin’ Luau” (estimated at $200)
  • “The collection in its entirety is priceless.”

In other words, vinyl that’s not for indie kids.

Get it here.

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