Chanel Pop-up Store at Jeffrey New York

By Roni Brunn | November 19, 2010 | News

Chanel opened a pop-up store at Jeffrey New York to showcase the cruise collection that the label showed in St. Tropez.  The pop-up looks like the iconic Café Sénéquier, where Chanel staged the runway presentation for the range.

The shop-in-shop features the cafe’s red lacquer tables, umbrellas, and awnings.  Red lacquered shelving units showcase pieces from the collection.

The vacation beach theme is very thorough.  The dressing rooms were transformed into beach cabins, and there are postcard stands with images from the cruise campaign.

I don’t totally get the mannequins, though.

There’ll be a party there on November 30, and the pop-up will stay open through January 4.  Go, then tell me how your life changed.


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