Dante – “Next to You”

By Roni Brunn | March 14, 2011 | News

I miss blogging!  I’ve been at least posting on Thursday Friday‘s Tumblr, but that feed’s mostly fashion.

So – Dante’s the drummer for The Concretes, and he’s debuting a solo album in September.  “Next to You” is a Clarence Carter cover from this 1973 LP.  Dante turned the soulful, mellow R&B track into a synthy take on The Concretes’ reggae-adjacent vibe, picking up some queues from the beats in “In The Air Tonight” along the way.  (By “beats,” I mean the actual beats/rhythm tracks, not the whole instru track.)  Sometimes I don’t know if the songs I’m into are legit or not until I blog them, but these insights are mostly fleeting since I rarely keep track of ratings.

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