Drugstore Publicis Open Late Ads

By Roni Brunn | December 21, 2009 | News

Publicis Drugstore accessories

This aspirational campaign for Paris’s Drugstore Publicis seems to be selling a fantasy of a refined European lifestyle/consumption combined with the fast-paced conveniences more typical in the States.

It’s really tough for me to stand back and just analyze these posters because I’m totally buying into them.  The visuals have gorgeous typography and clean illustrations, and the situations kind of speak to me.  They do.  I, too, have a luxury handbag for a brain, just like the woman above.

Publicis Drugstore restaurant

I like to check out at least one drug store and one market in each new city I visit, usually under the guise of hunting down sunscreen or catching up with local snacks, yogurt, and baked goods.  OMG, I’m a girl!  Yeah, so this campaign is really unfair in basically targeting my weaknesses and pretending that it’s all witty and fun.  I guess if I were to have anything exploited, then, yes, by all means do it with wit and fun.Publicis Drugstore jewellery

The copy is written to address a guy, but in practice it goes after women by pretending to converse with a fantasy boyfriend.Publicis Drugstore press

They do have a sizable magazine stand.  A foreign mag shopping spree is a great way to get your luggage to incur an excessive weight fee at the airport.  Also, art books.  Worth it, though.Publicis Drugstore macaroons

Macaroons are pretty but not that delicious.  French macaroons are made out of almonds rather than coconut, like delicious yet crude Passover macaroons in the States.  Processed, sweet almonds taste and look a lot like marzipan.  Oh well.  My favorite almond preparation is none – I like them best raw.

Publicis Drugstore cinema

What?  Movies at a drugstore?  Okay.Publicis Drugstore bags

They also have Comme des Garçons.Publicis Drugstore groceries

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
Creative Director: Olivier Altmann
Art Directors: Andrea Leupold, Nicolas Ermakoff
Copywriter: Alexandre Hildebrand
Illustrator: Paggy Moquay

Via Ads of the World

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