Faceted Surfaces

By Roni Brunn | January 4, 2010 | News

With its prismatic, luxurious mod sea of gold, that proposed set for the canceled Kanye-Gaga tour looked like the ballroom of a Bond villain’s compound.  Turns out this design was very timely and faceted surfaces have been emerging on products ranging from speakers to shoes.  Here are some favorites, including my own shoes (flats, no less).

2Oct2031 concept watch [link | via]

Harman Kardon SLA-55 speakers [link | via]

Roger Vivier prisme clutch and shoe [link]

Elisa Strozyk wooden carpet [link | via]

Rich Brilliant Willing Swarovski table chandelier [link | via]

Szymon Roginski + Kasia Korzeniecka sculptural photography [link | via]

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