Familjen – Viggo

By Roni Brunn | May 24, 2010 | Music downloads, News

Familjen is one of the artists – Swedish, of course – that I kind of cover on this blog.  I’m into the music and relate to the one bro studio set up.  I’ve been proud when the album artwork for Mänskligheten started making the rounds in design/art/Kanye blogs in the last few days but sad to see it paired without enthusiasm for the tunes.  Not cool.  Mänskligheten is a legit album.

I listen to party music and praised indie alike, and I enjoy Familjen’s pairing of big hooks with experimental instrumentation.  I really think pure indie-ists punish artists for good songwriting or at least overrate music with lazy songwriting.  Maybe that + thumping beats earn Familjen the undeserved demerits.  I don’t love every track on Mänsklighten, but the top tracks definitely make the album worthwhile.  “ridiculously goofy and saccharine” it is not.

The images are a collaboration between photographer Erik Wåhlström and the design studio Bergen.

Here’s another track from Mänskligheten.  More album art below.

Familjen – Viggo

Get Mänskligheten at Amazon or iTunes
Visit Familjen at its site or on MySpace

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