Fashion Designers as Disney Characters

By Roni Brunn | April 15, 2010 | News

Ulrich Schröder illustrated Disney versions of some leading designers for Vogue España’s April 2010 issue.  Here’s Karl Lagerfeld as Goofy:

Schröder took a risk here, drawing Karl as a dog. Karl doesn’t like to see himself as a canine:

Ppl who are shortsighted like me, when you remove the glasses, you look like a sweet little dog who wants to be adopted. Shortsighted ppl have something lost in the eye because they don’t see that well, and this is a look I certainly don’t want to project.

Which is better: the Disney version of Karl or the Simpsons version? (via)

The Simpsons might be inherently funnier than Disney characters, but maybe Simpson cartoons have been overexposed recently.  I’m not sure that cartoons reveal anything new about Karl anyway.

Both editorials feature more designers.  There’s a French slant because the Simpsons story revolves around the family’s visit to Paris.

The Disney Alber is much more of an active designer than the Simpsons Alber.  Looks like the scene is all about Lisa, and they just put Alber in the back to count beads or something.

Schröder makes a cheeky choice by casting Donatella as Daisy Duck.  It’s not clear whether Daisy/Donatella has duck lips because she’s a duck or because she’s a duck with injections.

The Disney Gaultier works on his namesake brand, while the Simpsons Gaultier also carries his work for Hermès.  But Disney Gaultier is having a much better time.

Marc Jacobs!  Hi, Marc.  Disney Marc seems to be backstage in New York, and Simpsons Marc is at a Paris finale of a Vuitton presentation.

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