From: Rebranded Concert T-shirts

By Roni Brunn | May 14, 2010 | From, News

Band T-shirts used to be an important part of the concert experience. You’d wear them the next day to school and wouldn’t need to explain why your eyes are too puffy to open.

But I dunno that people wear them now. They seem too obvious, like cupcake tattoos or name dropping obscure bands to intimidate people who don’t read blogs. We wanna wear clothes. We don’t want to look like we’re trying to curate music festivals in our T-shirt shelves.

I mean, everyone’s onto hipsters. The bored attitude, the self-righteousness, the hypocrisy – they’ve all been jokes for so long that even douches are over it. You could well have a Ke$ha fan call you on a Pitchfork rant. It’s beyond undesirable to be mistaken for a hipster or someone who just discovered hipster jokes.

Concert Ts still get bought, I think. Maybe people buy them if they wanna support independent music, since nobody pays for CDs anymore. That’s fair but doesn’t mean the shirts get worn.

Here are some concert T-shirts that might say what I just wrote. They’re made from existing concert Ts, so we’ve got a limited edition, re-use, waste rescue, found art series. They’re not a blatant statement about music/your taste in music. They’re from concerts you might not have been to. They’re from bands you might like/dislike. They’re one of a kind/mass manufactured. They’re meant to be worn/stored. They support/rape the arts.

Regardless, they’re From’s first shirts, and they look good.

See more at the shop.

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