How to Tell if Your iPod Hates You

By Roni Brunn | November 30, 2009 | From, Music downloads, News

gold-ipod-shuffleI’m writing this as a friend who would write something to help you out.  Your iPod might hate you.  Let’s figure this out.  The situation may suck right now, but it’s super easy to remedy.

Some might say that inanimate objects like MP3 players can’t hate because they don’t experience feelings.  Fair enough, but hate may not be a feeling.  We leave it up to a court of law to determine whether or not offensive acts are hate crimes.  No lawyer would debate whether a crime is provably sad or happy.  Those are feelings for sure.  We keep them out of the legal system.  Hate?  A feeling?  Who can really tell.  I’m not here to discuss that.

It would be more constructive just to find out if your iPod hates you.  Let’s go.  How to tell if your iPod hates you: a flow chart I made.

Here’s the flow chart.

iPod hate 520If your iPod hates you, don’t despair.  Get this track instead.  It will cheer you up:

From – “Fight for Your Right (Jacob Safari Remix)”

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