Lake Heartbeat – “Southbound”

By Roni Brunn | April 16, 2010 | Music downloads, News

“Southbound” is the latest single from Lake Heartbeat, and it’s even more watercolored than the band’s first releases, “Mystery” and “Golden Chain.”  Not sure I can even claim these tracks are first – they’re all from the same album.  But, yeah, “Southbound” is dreamier than those two.  If that’s still too hard for your massage, try the Kisses version.  The LA duo remix/relax “Southbound” and move it away from the original’s lush, cloud-filled space.

Lake Heartbeat’s debut has been pressed into limited edition vinyl for record store day, which is next week.

I love featuring bands with beautiful artwork – basically From and Lake Heartbeat.  lol me.

Lake Heartbeat – Southbound

Lake Heartbeat – Southbound (Kisses Remix)

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