Maskinen – “Kärlek Vid Sista Ögonkastet”

By Roni Brunn | April 13, 2010 | Music downloads, News

You can count on Maskinen for fun, driving/party music.  Their latest single “Kärlek Vid Sista Ögonkastet” can and should be blamed for taking turns too fast and refills too soon.

Maskinen – “Kärlek Vid Sista Ögonkastet”

Maskinen – Kärlek Vid Sista Ögonkastet (Mats Norman Remix) by PopeRecords

Prolly wise for Swedish MCs to focus on the good times.  It’s hard to imagine rough neighborhoods furnished in Ikea or Volvos low to the ground, rims in sparkling chrome.  Swedes might point to raggare:

or Södermalm’s history as some “knife city,” but then now the most dangerous thing in Söder, Stockholm might be this game of dodge ball:

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Get their album “Kärlek Vid Sista Ögonkastet” (“Love at Last Sight”) on iTunes or Spotify

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