Michael Stipe x Maison Martin Margiela Microcassette

By Roni Brunn | November 24, 2009 | News


Michael Stipe collaborated with the Belgian label Maison Martin Margiela to create a microcassette accessory.  Cast in 925 sterling silver, the tapes will be produced in a limited edition of 199.  Each will be packaged in a handmade bound, signed notebook.  They’ll be available at Margiela boutiques and some concept stores.

Michael-stipe-margiela-tape-coverMichael-stipe-margiela-tape-notebookAlthough the photo series demonstrates a variety of ways to wear the necklace/eye patch/belt, I’d say it’s best to leave it somewhere on a shelf rather than on your body.  I’ve been wanting to build a modern miniature display case for little curiosities, and this tape would work perfectly in that setting.


This microcassette builds on Stipes’s first sculpture show, 2008’s Rogan Versus Stipe.  Fascinated by technology’s rapid obsolescence, Stipe cast Poloroid and Diane cameras and a radio alarm clock in bronze.  The show was held at the Rogan store in New York, so this Margiela collaboration is a pretty straight forward variation on the concept.

michael stipe rogan sculptures

Via Dazed Digital and The Cut

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