Nail Polish From Chanel, American Apparel, and Coke

By Roni Brunn | May 12, 2010 | News

The fastest spreading beauty trends tend to be nail polish colors.  You don’t need to be that skilled to apply nail polish, and the price point is pretty democratic since you just need one unit to buy in.

Chanel has been the brand to watch for nail polish.  Not only do the brand’s colors dominate and sell out, the frenzy they cause adds a halo to all its beauty products.  Yesterday, Lagerfeld showed Chanel’s cruise collection in St. Tropez, and the house’s beauty director, Peter Philips, launched a new powder blue shade for nails.  Recently, Chanel’s mint green Jade and taupe Particulaire have been coveted sell-outs.  This blue looks like a variation on Jade, and I think the taupes will continue to evolve.  Both these directions seem really late 90s to me.  Hope they don’t summon back belly rings and grunge.

Chanel’s success is enviable.  Creating new colors seems like a low R&D investment once you already have a beauty line.  It’s not surprising to see other brands are going for nail polish buzz.

American Apparel launched their nail polish this season only to recall it due to quality issues with the bottles.  Regardless, they claim to have sold out of 50,000 bottles quickly.  I don’t know how to gauge the significance of that figure.  50,000 could be a lot or not a lot at all.  American Apparel sells bottles at $6 each, and they could cost 10¢ – $5.99 to produce and sell.  No idea how profit margins are.

Their new nail polish range features a variation on Chanel’s Jade (2nd from left) and a version of Particulaire (2nd from right):

Looks like powder blue may be the product of the zeitgeist because its presence in this line coincides with the Chanel presentation.  I wonder if the American Apparel version looks more sleazy/alt than the Chanel polish.  I wonder if you can’t help looking like a rich poser if you wear the Chanel polish, like that NYTimes reporter who got called out for a going undercover as a homeless person with a Jade manicure.  Maybe it’s only okay if you’re not so conflicted about high fashion.

Coke is doing a nail polish promo in the UK.  It’s giving away a bottle of nail polish with the purchase of a liter of soda at Boots.

The colors are inspired by fashion cities: London gets beige, Paris has plum, Milan’s is red, and New York takes fuchsia.  Kind of a Sex & the City approach to color: not really fashion, but fashion as a consumable little escape.  The colors look fine, and the city lineup is accurate; they’re not including wannabe cities with a media-hungry, gimmicky market week sold as some sort of fashion week.  Looks like a smart way to do vanilla.  I wonder if anyone’s going to be excited by the concept, or if women are just gonna be glad they get something for free while buying soda.

To be seen how Topshop‘s new line will go.  They do have a taupe, of course:

via StyleList

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