“One Spring Away” on How I Met Your Mother

By Roni Brunn | May 11, 2010 | From, News

Last night, two From songs were featured on How I Met Your Mother.  YAY!!!

“Tell Me Why” was in the first bar scene, and “One Spring Away” was at a flashback fantasy scene showing what the previous tenant at Ted and Marshall’s apartment was like.  It’s so cute.  Even though I’m kind of biased, I have to say that the song is a super good match for the scene.

A less excited person might feel a bit overshadowed by the Ratatat video ft that bird – mine has a bird too!  (You have to watch the clip to get this tenuous reference).  But it’s all good.

Get “One Spring Away” on iTunes or Amazon

Get “Tell Me Why” on iTunes or Amazon

Stream the episode on CBS

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