Prada and YSL Travel Electronics

By Roni Brunn | May 21, 2010 | News

So you’re traveling to a few countries, and you/your butler would like to keep your electronics juiced while away.  Used to be, you’d need a kit of a heavy brick with interchangeable tips or dedicated adapters to each country.  Now there are all-in-one adapters with prongs that pop up to fit local sockets.

YSL saw an opportunity to dominate the market for refined all-in-ones, and its version (via) suitably comes with a zippered leather case.  I guess it makes sense that there would be a high end edition in the power adapter category.  These adapters typically can’t handle high wattage devices like blow dryers or irons, which would be fine for people who get their hair and laundry done professionally.  Some might be embarrassed to unpack a plain adapter on a trip with a travel companion who stows everything away in Italian leather goods.  Or maybe, at $450, this is an entry-level product that people may try to exploit as a false signal of massive wealth.  You can’t have bottle service everywhere.

To me, it looks like an item that would be featured at a sky mall magazine on a private jet, though I don’t think private jets have shopping on board.

For those with computers, Prada issued a USB drive as a key fob wrapped in the house’s signature saffiano leather (via):

Luxury USB flash drives have evolved in recent years.  In ’08, Chanel sent out its beauty press materials in a branded drive covered in plastic (via):

Get the Kensington all-in-one travel power adapter at Amazon

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