Reporters Without Borders Smash Oppression Ads

By Roni Brunn | April 29, 2010 | News

Saatchi & Saatchi Paris launched a campaign for Reporters Without Borders, an organization that fights for freedom of press worldwide.  The visual message seems to be that creative/artistic/free form treatment of these oppressive leaders actually tells a truth.  It’s fair to see this metaphor – the politicians featured don’t take well to unflattering portraits.

The ads feature Kim Jong Il, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Mouammar Kadhafi along with this tag line:

Only a free press can hurt them.
Support our fight

But then, if you see press freedom as a force that brings out more straight truth rather than distorted propaganda, the crumpled images seem like less of a fit for the message or the cause. To me, they look more of a visual representation of propaganda than reality.

I’m also a bit confused because this crumpled look resembles the Stephen J. Shanabrook x Comme des Garçons SHIRT campaign from SS10.  I guess it’s good to attach your cause to something that’s getting buzz in fashion and art.

So, yeah, I’m not sure what’s really going on in these ads, but okay.

Advertising Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi Paris, France
Client: Reporters without borders
Creative Director: Christophe Coffre
Art Director: Florian Roussel
Copywriter: Guillaume Blanc
Artistes: Stephen J Shanabrook & Veronika Georgieva
Retoucher: Panit Pundarik
Published: april 2010

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Comment from Morgan
May 11, 2010, 12:07 am

Thanks for your point of view, i search since a (long) moment some information and explanation of this campaign but almost nobody talk really about the ads, only about rsf, dictators, etc… maybe they don’t understand the advert 😉

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