Sheefun Chan x Ann-Sofie Back – Dripping Sunglasses

By Roni Brunn | April 26, 2010 | News

Sheefun Chan designed some accessories for a horror movie themed collection from Swedish designer Ann-Sofie Back.  In red, the glasses look like a cartoon version of dripping blood and/or melting sorbet.  I’d maybe watch horror movies if they had more dessert imagery.  Otherwise, totally scary!

From Ann-Sofie Back’s FW09 runway show (via):

There’s also a blood-dripping belt:

This one looks like chocolate to me.  I guess if you wear melted chocolate around your waist instead of eating it, you stay skinny?  I think it’s possible I may not totally get how horror movies work.

Yeah, they’re FW09, but they’re just now making their way to stores.  They immediately sold out at Opening Ceremony, so keep checking back.

Sunglasses photo via High Snobiety

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