Steven Meisel’s Vogue Italia June 2010 Cover vs. Steven Meisel’s Vuitton SS10 Ads

By Roni Brunn | June 2, 2010 | News

Vogue Italia’s June cover just made the rounds, and it features a Steven Meisel photo of Eva Herzigova in pre-fall Louis Vuitton, possibly reclining, definitely enmeshed in a pile of leaves.  At first glance, it looks kind of a similar to Meisel’s SS2010 campaign for Vuitton.  I guess the Vogue cover is more vivid because that’s how trees look in Italy in the fall – none of the warm, post-picnic greenery of the summer Vuitton scene.  It must be an important distinction because nobody wants to look like they’re running an ad on their June cover.

When the Vuitton ads came out, BlackBook noted that they looked like two editorials by Mert and Marcus, both called “Into the Woods.”  The first ran in W in August 2007 with Doetzen Kroes as Goldilocks or Alice or someone (via):

In September 2009, Vogue updated “Into the Woods” with Natalia Vodianova as Little Red Riding Hood (via):

Also brings to mind Stella McCartney‘s fall 2009 campaign:

When the Vuitton ads came out, there was chatter about the dirt on model Lara Stone.  No need to talk about the grime now – it’s clearly there to communicate that the photo is part of this ongoing forest fairy tale series .  I’m not sure that I remember a time before magazines regularly ran editorials set in the forest.  I kind of expect it, especially for fall.  It draws attention to what’s really important: Which props signify fairy tales/innocence/luxury?  Animals: real or cartoon?  Dirt or grime?  Which leaf color best frames the RTW?

Glad at least the hair issue is settled: long, easy curls it is.  I love fall.

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