Sydney Mobell – Solid Gold Monopoly

By Roni Brunn | November 16, 2010 | News

Artist Sydney Mobell’s solid gold monopoly set just got put on display at the Museum of American Finance in New York.  Made of gold and jewels, the set is valued at $2 million, which is about $1,999,500 more expensive than the world’s second most expensive monopoly set.

Everything is gold-based, even the cards:

The bits and dice are studded with jewels/diamonds:

This looks like an outtake from an actual game on this set:

The gold set has some key advantages.  I bet gold monopoly feels more real than paper/plastic/wood monopoly.  Then again, the original game doesn’t have issues with fingerprints.

The value of gold is rising, but it feels like an odd time to bring this toy to the Museum of American Finance.

Via DNAinfo

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