Tel Aviv: Gallery + Old Railway Station

By Roni Brunn | October 29, 2010 | From, News

Met with a friend last night at my hotel around sunset.  It’s all really fun and exciting and surprising.  Turns out the most miserable time in my life were his fav school years etc.

Then I went with two other friends to a gallery at Bet Panorama (panorama house), a huge converted warehouse building.  You drive around each floor and park LAX-style.  There were some walkways, too, and they were covered as wood decks.  My friends’ heels got stuck; I walked tippy-toed and looked like an idiot but avoided the slits.

I was into the art – heavily textured oils.  There were so many kids at the opening, and I think the organizers anticipated them.  They had Petel, a raspberry kids’ drink, at the bar.  Petel comes as a syrup that you mix with water.  If your mom trusts you, you get a high syrup-to-water ratio and a delicious candy beverage.  Otherwise, you get pink water with a faint chemically taste.

Here I am with my friend Orly:

We had dinner at HaTachana, a recently restored/converted railway station.  It was built in 1892 on the Jaffa-Jerusalem line and now has stores, restaurants, a spa, and an organic outdoor market.  Sounds obnoxious but looks too good to be judged that way.  There’s also lots of parking!

19th century:


At the entrance, there was wood deck flooring again.  Glad I had the practice earlier:

NYTimes on HaTachana

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