Tron x Opening Ceremony

By Roni Brunn | November 17, 2010 | News

There have been so many short fashion films lately surrounding product launches.  I don’t quite know what to make of them.  Are they supposed to be extensions of editorials?  Are they high end commercials?  Does the script/plot matter?  Am I looking for character development?  Is it inappropriate to laugh?  Should I be looking at the clothes?

Seems really ambitious to roll out a major motion picture for the Tron x Opening Ceremony collection.  I’m into it.  The pieces are futuristic from an 80s perspective.  The neon neoprene and exaggerated sportswear silhouettes fall somewhere between Proenza Schouler and the uniforms at Space Mountain.  I want a lot of these pieces.  I think they can punch up my UES x mod scheme.

I don’t feel compelled to watch the film.  Feel like I understand the collection pretty well.  Even if the movie really sucks, these shoes will still be amazing.

Get it at Opening Ceremony

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